Baby Girl Things on Amazon Prime

Well, if you missed it, the word is OUT! We are having a baby girl and things are going to start getting really girly around here! haha. I’m trying not to go overboard, but I did add about a million girly things to my registry after we found out! So in honor of our little girl, today’s Thursday Links is all for her! I’ve been loving Amazon Prime for years but even more so now that we have a baby on the way. I find myself ordering maternity clothes, pregnancy lifesavers, and now the things for our little girl’s nursery! I’m so spoiled by that free 2-day shipping, I am embarrassingly impatient when anything else takes longer! lol.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things on Amazon Prime right now for our baby girl! They are ALL on our Baby Registry too and if I don’t get all them at my baby shower I’ll probably go ahead and buy the rest of them! hahaha. Okay, and I did cheat a little – this beautiful dress ins’t Amazon Prime but it is still freaking adorable and on Amazon so I included it!

Birdfly Baby Girl’s Dress – $7 || Pacifier Clip & Teether – $5 || The Puffin in Bloom Collection – $35 || Muslin Organic Cotton Swaddle – $16 || Me Too Angela Stuffed Bunny – $13 || Vulli Sophie The Giraffe – $24 || ErgoBaby 360 – $160 || Love to Dream Organic Swaddle Up – $35 || Baby Bjorn Cradle – $235

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry