April Goals || Powersheets Check-In

In typical pregnant Elizabeth style, this April goals post is coming at you in the middle of the month but hey – that’s okay! I’m really needing to give myself more grace these days because I am carrying & growing a human and it is actually been so good for me. I am a happier, kinder person when I am not carrying around unneeded burdens of high expectations and perfection (go figure!) It’s not easy all the time, but being in the Word daily and spending time with Jesus every morning really helps keep my mind and my heart in check.

Looking Back on March

March flew by but I was finally out of that first trimester fog and feeling like myself again. That was huge in over all moral! I completely moved over to a maternity wardrobe as my belly kept growing day after day. I also felt her kick for the first time and now feel her moving and kicking all the time. Since January & February were so hard, I had smaller goals for the month of March but exceeded them (for the most part) I was super inspired and motivated to start a blog series called Thursday’s Links so that had me blogging 4x a week (instead of my 3x goal!) Here is March’s Goal Post if you are interested in looking back!


Goals That are Growing Well… 

Blogging again. My goal to blog 3 times a week was met and even exceeded! I wasn’t able to do that at the beginning of the year and it feels soo good to be back! This place really is such a gift to me!

Working with Bushel and Bunch has also been amazing! I am so glad I made the choice to invest in a full blown consultation with her this year. As I figure out where this blog is going and life as a mama and an entrepreneur, I want to make sure I am focusing on the right things and pushing toward the right goals!

Share 2 style posts for the month also went great – My Maternity Easter Dress & My favorite Maternity Overalls!

Decluttering is a work in progress but it is getting there! I was able to donate a lot of stuff to a local women’s shelter and used my Amazon Box to send a bunch more stuff to goodwill. As we continue moving every room in our house to make room for baby, we are purging as we go!!


I’m Choosing Grace over Guilt…

Still not finishing my book. Yikes. But I am 550 pages in and so close! I’ll get it done and get on a new one for this month!


Looking Towards April

YAY! We already found out we are having a baby girl! That has been huge news this April! I’m also heading to San Deigo for a week of adventures with Amy! I found cheap plane tickets from Colorado Springs and thought it would be the best kind of work/ friend trip! It is always good to spend time with other bloggers who get what you do!! We also met through blogging and it is fun to see each other IRL as well! My word for this month is CREATE.


Monthly Goals

Create a Cleaning Schedule (so that we actuallly get things cleaned. #tryingtobegrownups)

Read a Book

2 Sponsored posts. Really hopping to get some work in this month to help before baby arrives!

Have FUN in San Diego!

Move the Office (to make room for baby!)


Weekly Goals

3 Baby Collaboration emails sent

Laundry cleaned AND put away (the second part is much harder for me!)

Blog 4x a week

2 Friend dates a week.

Go to Church

Make at least 3 dinners a week! (I’m trying to get better at mom life!)


Daily Goals

Quiet Times.


Author: Elizabeth Mayberry