My Goals for 2018

It’s 18 days into the New Year. 18 out of 365. When you put it like that, it feels more than okay to still be ironing out dreams and goals for this year. Right?! I know January is nearing the end but there is nothing magical about January 1st (besides the fact that is my sister-in-law’s birthday 😉 ) In fact, I think the first week of January should be reserved for family & friends who are still in town and recovering from the hectic holidays. This year I pushed through guilt and let my self have a slow start. It was very anti the way I normally do things… and anti my Mario Kart strategy.

It wasn’t easy to slow down. I cried. I fought it. and I felt GUILTY. But I knew I needed to change the patterns I was living by. We were talking about goals & life rules and the four categories to focus on are Spiritual, Rest, Relationships, and Work. Last year all my goals fell into the “work” category. And in my life in general, I never focus on that “rest” category. It feels so selfish and unproductive. But after a wonderful 2017 that left me honest to goodness tired and maybe a little burnt out, I saw how much that needed to change.

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