DIY Hand Towel Holder

We have been busy with home projects since Memorial Weekend. Lows & Home Depot were having sales and we were inspired to take them up on many of those offers! While Bruce worked on some manly projects, I created a “girly” bathroom. It was supposed to be a little more neutral but I guess when you paint with a peach/salmon/coral paint color it falls more on the girly side! 
The bathroom was previously white and empty and had an ugly bar for the towel rack that was falling out of the wall. I did not spend very much time or money on this bathroom but I did give it a little makeover and it is much better than before. 
One of the most important things I wanted to replace was the towel holder. I picked the galvanized pipe method because I just love the industrial look of them! I have DIY curtain rods in my living room & office and thought that I could do something similar in the bathroom but I really didn’t want another bar – I may be the only one, but I think hand towels are better on hooks than long bars! So I made some hooks – three of them to be exact for cuteness and dramatic effect! 
3 floor/wall flanges 1/2
3 steel pipes with threading 1/2 (I picked a couple different lengths for depth)
3 elbow joints 1/2
12 screws

1. Screw all the pieces together making three hooks
2. Measure on your wall to make sure they look even and are placed where you want
3. Screw them into the wall. It is best to put them into studs but they will not need to hold very much weight so it is most likely okay if you can’t find a stud in the wall. 
4. Hang cute towels on them

Hand Towels: Oh, Little Rabbit
Gold Dots: Eye Candy Signs 
Colorado Print & Frame: The Digital Studio (frame from Hobby Lobby)
Flower Pot: Thrifted
Mat: Target

Have you played around with galvanized piping in your house?

Author: Oak & Oats

  • what a FUN bathroom!

  • This is cute and fun!

  • Hope is as easy as it looks/sounds 🙂

  • Love those gold dots and love that colorado picture!

  • Oh for real! I only do easy projects ; ) As long and you make sure to get the pieces in the right size you are golden!

  • I really like the industrial look of your towel hangers! And I adore Oh, Little Rabbit!!

  • thanks!!!

    Have you heard of that shop before? I just discovered them on Etsy!!

  • I know. The Colorado picture is what the room was shaped around 😉

  • thanks lady!

  • Thanks so much!

  • This is so awesome! We have been thinking about making shelves with steel hardware. Hopefully we can make it happen some day. Also, I love your Colorado print! The Digital Studio is one of my favorite shops!

  • Jordyn Brazil

    Oh my goodness. I love this. My husband and I are super into modern industrial cozy and you nailed it. Totally stealing this once we move out of our rental!

  • Laura Blough

    Fun idea! I love those towels! So cute!

  • Thanks! I know. They are so cute!

  • So cool!

  • That would be so fun! We might do that too. I just love the look!

  • Also, I know you like them 🙂 We always are re-liking things on Etsy !!

  • Do it! It is seriously SO easy. And pretty cheep!

  • I'm making these. Soon. I've been needing a towel hook for our basement bathroom. These are perfect.

  • Great! and they are so easy and pretty cheep! I think for one of them it is like 6 or 7 bucks (with tax!)

  • Amy



    (I felt it only proper to respond with the same about of energy & excitement!!)

  • LOVE THIS. Pinning for future use! I'm in a serious nesting stage right now and am re-doing absolutely everything! How creative!

  • Oh! So fun!!