My shared office space

the office needed a little makeover … badly. so i went on a little cleaning spree and created a space of my/our own. oh yes, this is THE office meaning it is mostly my husband’s. he works from home and spends a good chuck of time chilling in this room. i love to sit with him when i have the chance but i never felt comfortable in it due to the lack of space for me and it was not too pretty. 
i needed my half to reflect me and his half reflect him/ still be super practical for him because he works there all day! i skipped on painting the room and did a little makeover for under $100 bucks. i like how it turned out! a little bright. a little fun. and a little spacey! 
humble and gentle canvas: Naptime Diaries
moon map: frame from Hobby Lobby & map found in shed (it is amazing what people leave behind…)
Dr. Who print: 716 Designs & Walmart frame
framed constellation print: minted
framed enjoy print: minted (use this code for $25 off your first purchase!)
framed lunar eclipse print: minted
chair: thrifted
plant: gifted & pot from Ross
desk chair: Target
small desk: thrifted
Little Mermaid Legos: Disney Princess Legos
those things print: lara casey & Target frame
deer print: Livy Lovely Designs 
you only have today print: Katy Girl Designs & Hobby Lobby print
be silly print: emily ley & Target frame
love without haste: Rivers + Roads & Target frame
curtains: fabric from Hobby Lobby and then i used my sewing skills!
anything else i am missing? just ask me about it!


Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • This is such a cute space! I love the Doctor Who print by the way 🙂 Also, great job on the curtains! They look great.

  • Look all the art on the walls!

  • Amy

    love love LOVE what you did! the colors are just the right touch of color!
    and uh your art wall = LOVE (and i'm a sucker for good frames, love these!)

  • Christina Main

    Love love love the old school desk!

  • Patty

    What a pretty place to reflect and be creative…I love the different colors and quotes on the wall…all the different colors and patterns makes it look so homey:)

  • AHHHHHHHH! the reveal is finally here! oh my gosh i LOVE it. like love love love it. you turned it into a space people would really want to spend time in! you did such a good job with your side and bruce's side…something to reflect both personalities. plus, it doesn't hurt that you like all the things on bruce's side too 🙂

  • oh my goodness I love all the prints! So adorable! I cannot wait to have an office space one day, our "office" always plays the role of guest bedroom, storage room, and craft room! wahhh! xoxo

  • Amy Dawn Bishop

    I love it! How awesome to have a space like this….and to make is a place you really enjoy!
    I adore the moon map! And your inspiring words all over are the best. It's so nice to fill your space with things that encourage and inspire you!

  • Cassi Polzin

    I love all the art and the curtains are so pretty! Everything really ties in.

  • This is so fun! I love all the prints and photos on the wall! Our office has been a constant work in progress. One day it will be complete. What does your husband do? That's awesome that he gets to work from home!

  • What a cute office! I loved looking at all of your prints and love the pops of color and the hints of gold and turquoise, too. I love it and nice job decorating it, my friend!

  • Wonderful space! And I just saw those folding chairs at Target, and am absolutely in love with them!

  • thanks lady! I am not a sewing pro but I do have a machine so i try to use it sometimes! and Dr. Who of course!

  • thanks! I do have a tendency to fill my walls…

  • thanks lady! all the ones form Minted came with the frames!

  • thanks! me too! and it was like 10 bucks! i had to grab it!

  • thanks 🙂 I love making our house a home!

  • I am so glad you like it! 🙂 and i agree! I want to paint it… maybe one day!

  • yeah! ours is like that but since Bruce works from home we need a space for him! our guest bed is in the unfinished basement! yike!

  • I agree! I love having truth on the walls!

  • He is a software engineer! I know – he loves it! and it helps us only have one car!

  • thanks Jenna!

  • I know! and only 12 bucks!

  • thanks sweet Kiki!

  • This is so beautiful! LOVE the color scheme! And the framed pictures and quotes make everything just perfect!

  • thanks so much! I didn't think it could really come together too great without painting the walls but it looks pretty great 🙂

  • I love it!

  • Looks great. Perfect shared space. 🙂

  • Your office space is great, I love the prints on your wall.

  • thanks Lindsie!

  • Thanks lady!

  • I love a lot of art and prints!!! they are all over my home!