Maternity Overalls & Frozen Yogurt


OUTFIT DETAILS: Maternity Overalls || White V-Neck || Floral Slip-ons (similar) || Daniel Wellington Watch

If there is one thing I have craved more than anything this pregnancy (and consistently) it is fruit/veggies & yogurt/ milk. I drink glasses of milk for fun (can’t remember the last time I did that), add strawberries to every bowl of cereal, eat cuties like they are going out of style, heat up frozen broccoli for an afternoon snack, enjoy smoothies all day… I think you get the picture. This week the weather warmed up a bit hinting at Spring and I remembered my love for Frozen Yogurt. Once it was remembered, it was hard to forget 😉 I wish I could go every day and fill up my bowl with original tart, cake batter, all the fruits, and popping boba!

I am also obsessed with these Maternity Overalls. Like I cannot help but wear them all the time. They fit my growing bump so well while allowing me to feel fun and youthful. I wasn’t super ready for all the body changes that come with pregnancy and sometimes it can hit my self-conscious nerve. But these overalls make me feel so confident oddly enough. Plus there is plenty room to grow with baby. You better believe these are one of my pregnancy capsule wardrobe staples!

Side note – a pregnancy capsule wardrobe isn’t super easy to figure out. I’ll be heading into a new season (summer) and also my third trimester where I have no idea how big I’ll get! I want to be prepared but I don’t want to over prepare! I really want to stay simple & focused (and financially minded) with my maternity wardrobe. I’m currently still sneaking in some non-maternity things since my bump is only 17 weeks but a lot happens from now until 40! haha

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry