Pinterest Resources to grow your following & reach

Pinterest Resources to grow your Pinterest and increase your reach! Wonderful tips! So helpful! Get 75- 100 new followers a week!

Pinterest is the new Google. Okay, so not really because I love Google for a lot of things but Pinterest is for sure a search engine that many of us are turning too for images & advice: “What to make for dinner” “Recipes with Dark Chocolate” “How to get beach waves” “What to do in New York” “How to grow your Instagram following.” We use Pinterest to find new blogs, new recipes, new style & hair ideas, and information to help us grow! Because all these people are looking for information on Pinterest (including you) wouldn’t it be the best place to share your content? Pinterest is my number one referral of page views – #1! If you are not already using Pinterest as part of your Blogging strategy, the time is now! Here are some of my favorite Pinterest resources to help YOU grow your Pinterest and increase your reach!

Creating Pinnable Images

If you are wanting to grow your Pinterest & increase your page views, it is really important for you to have images that people want to share! For a long time I thought I needed to be a Photoshop pro to be able to create the best blog graphics but you don’t!


Canva is my favorite place to create graphic images! In fact, all my blog graphics are made here! It is user friendly & classy.

Scheduling Pins

Pinterest can be so time consuming especially if you are wanting to grow your reach & following! Pinterest schedulers have saved me SO much time and helped me grow faster than I was able to on my own. I can catch my audience when they are on without always being on at the same time! This saves me time because I can plan (in my schedule) to spend 45 minutes scheduling pins and that will take me through the week.


This is the one you have to sign up for now. It starts with a free trial but it is totally worth the money. The thing about board booster is that you can set up “looping” where essentially, it repins the pins already in your Pinterest boards and after a bit it deletes the one of the two with less repins. This is great because it keeps your pinterest active (repining like 50 pins a day) without you doing a thing. It is also getting those pins you have already pinned some attention! And the best part is that you don’t need to worry about doubling up on images because it takes care of that too!


I love Tailwind. I think it makes it so easy to schedule for Pinterest! Right now when you use this link you can upgrade to pro for free the first month (and there is a free option too so totally worth playing around on!!)! This is where I mostly focus on scheduling pins out!


Ahalogy is a newer company for scheduling Pinterest pins! I’ve been working with them for the last couple months – the best news is that they are free to use. Right now there is a small waiting list so make sure to request an invite today. They are also working on ways to partner bloggers & brands for sponsored content so it is fun to be a part of Ahalogy. I do some scheduling with them.


CoSchedule does Pinterest pinning now too but I haven’t played with it much! If you have been thinking about trying out CoSchedule (you can read more about it here), having Pinterest scheduling too may be the push you need!

Pinfinite Growth

Okay and so the last resource I want to share with you that has upped my Pinterest game like crazy is Pinfinite Growth! Pinfinite Growth is an ecourse from Melyssa Griffin and it is amazing. It teaches you not only why you need to focus on Pinterest as part of your strategy for growth but HOW you can grow and what tools to use! Just by going through this class I have been averaging 75-100 new followers a week and driving traffic to my blog. It was totally worth the investment & I’ve already made back the money I spent on the course because of it! Seriously, all good things!

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What do you love about Pinterest? Is it something you include in your blogging strategy? Are we already Pinterest friends – follow me here & leave a link with your Pinterest account!

Photo by: Stellar Propeller Studios

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Right now I use Tailwind and Boardbooster to schedule pins and they are a great combo! I use Tailwind for my new posts and to schedule pins from other sites. I use Boardbooster to keep pinning my old posts throughout the day. And Pinfinite Growth is on my list of classes to take! Right now I’m working on the Elite Blog Academy but maybe once I’m done with that.

    • Oak & Oats

      Yes! I use that combo too! And I’ll have to look into Elite Blog Academy! Do you like it?

  • This is great information! I’ve been having major reservations with investing in co scheduling and other scheduling apps. I will have to check out the other options you’ve mentioned! Thank you for sharing! Your new blog look is beautiful!

    • Oak & Oats

      Thanks so much! And yes, I think you will realize they are so helpful! Really coschedule does it all so if you want to start somewhere start with coschedule!

  • Hi Elizabeth, Oh, this is just great! I love that you mention Melyssa Griffin she’s amazing…I haven’t done her Pinfinite Growth ecourse (yet) but is in my ‘To do list’. And I’ll definitely check Ahalogy!

    Have a super weekend!


    • Oak & Oats

      Oh!!! You should do it! It is MAGICAL! And yes! Ahalogy is free! Totally join!

  • I just signed up for a trial of Tailwind! I’ve been on the fence about Pinfinite Growth but I think I’m going to have to give it a try soon!

    • Oak & Oats

      Oh fun! YES! Let me know when/if you do!

  • Wow! How wonderful that your pinterest has taken off like that! I might have to look into Melissa’s course!

    • Oak & Oats

      YES! I love her course! One of the best I have taken!

  • Cannot wait to try Canva!

    • Oak & Oats

      You will love it!!!

  • I totally want to up my Pinterest game. It’s on my list, haha! I’ll get there 😉

    • Oak & Oats

      Yes!! hahah. You’ll get there! You are rocking it though!! xoxo

  • Loved this! I signed up for Tailwind.

    Here is my Pinterest — I love new followers too!