How to Make Pinterest Work for You

Pinterest! Great tips for making Pinterest work for you and your brand! #socialmediatips
Pinterest is a wonderful social media! It is the perfect place to search for ideas for your bedroom, stuffed bell pepper recipes, new outfits to wear to work, learn how to take better photos, and find anything else you want to be inspired by. So many of us turn to Pinterest for inspiration, but we don’t take full advantage of what it can do for our blogs and businesses.

You may have seen this infographic on social media in 2014. Yes, Pinterest has the smallest amount of users BUT it is a place for discovery, has a large female audience, and caters to a lot of things that we as bloggers blog about. That in itself creates a lot of opportunity.

Reading through this interview on The Well with some of the largest blogs in the business and listening to others ( Haley at The Tiny Twig, Elsie at A Beautiful Mess) talk about growth, Pinterest always comes up as one of the largest ways to draw traffic to your site.

I bet you already have it and already use it. That is why these next steps are something you can do TODAY to grow your reach without too much extra time (because we already know none of us have time to do it all).


Without a picture in your post, your readers have nothing to pin to Pinterest. This is huge because Pinterest is all about discovery, and if you have pictures that are pinned and repinned, then new people can find you! It is just that simple.Remember though, not all pictures are created equal. As pinners we are attracted to a beautiful photo that accurately reflects the post. I always pin photos that I love because I want to have a way to go back to the post later and I want to share it with others. I only pin things that are attractive because my attention is drawn to them – those are the things that inspire me.

Work on including on at least one image in your posts that you consider to be pinnable. We all have different measures of what makes a pinnable picture. Most likely if you would pin it, so will your readers.


  •  Canva is a great tool for creating infographics and photos with text for free.
  • Try to use your own photos to avoid copyright issues.
  • Use Death to Stock Photgraphy or other free stock photo for posts if you do not want to use your own images.
  • Notice the pictures you pin on Pinterest and from other websites. Write down the things in those pictures you are attracted to and start trying to incorporate those things into your posts photos.


If you are constantly posting photos in each post, you are off to a great start! Now you need to make sure your readers can easily post a photo to Pinterest. Include a Pin It button on your photos or at the bottom of your posts. You can see that I have a Pin It button at the bottom of every post on Oak + Oats to make it easy for my readers to Pin if they wish.Don’t stress out if you do not feel tech savvy enough to add this button – Pinterest has a step by step guide to add a Pin It button to your website.


Pinning your own photos on Pinterest is a great way to promote your posts. I recommend pinning them in boards that fit with the content of the post- not just a general “My Blog” board. I pin recipes to my food boards, DIYs to my crafting boards, and blog advice to my blogging board!When you pin on Pinterest, those photos will come up in the feed of those who follow you but you can expand your reach by using hashtags! Yes, you can use hashtags everywhere these days. Tag brands that are in the photo, use hashtags, and give a detailed explanation of the post. This helps your pin come up on Pinterest searches. It also shows brands that you posted a picture of their product. Most brands have their own Pinterest and love to repin photos they love with their products in them. This gets your photo in front of new eyes (this is where growth happens. YAY.)


Make sure that your Blog is linked to your Pinterest and your Pinterest is linked to your blog. That way new readers can follow you on social media (including Pinterest) and people who follow you on Pinterest can find your blog. This one is simple enough but makes a big difference. If I come across a blog that I enjoy, I tend to follow them on their social medias. If they have some not easily listed on their blog, I don’t go looking for them. By not having having your Pinterest in your social media line up, you are missing out on the opportunity.Widgets are also a great way to interact with people while they are on your blog. They can actually see what kind of pins you pin before they click over to follow you. If they like what they see, they will click, and follow! There are plenty of plug-ins that allow for this or you can get the html by looking at your Pinterest settings and clicking on “Make a Widget”


If you are a blog/ business, I highly recommend switching over to the business account. It is free and only comes with more opportunities to take advantage of the Pinterest platform. With a business account, you can see your analytics. I love this feature because I can see who is reading, what people are liking, and watch what types of pins do best with my audience.For example, Blog posts, Style Posts, and Doctor Who posts are some of my most repinned and popular pins! In the last 30 days, these were some of my most repinned pins: Email Tips, Prayers for my Husband, and a Harry Potter cake. Knowing what your readers like and repin will help you as you brainstorm future content. Maybe you had no idea how much people enjoyed some of your nerdier topics (like Harry Potter and Doctor Who) so you started sharing more in future posts. This is a great way to measure actual engagement and Pinterest really does all the work for you.

Also, don’t forget to engage. Sometimes we spend so much time focusing on promoting our own content, that we don’t engage with the people we are trying to reach. Pin posts you like, heart photos while you are browsing Pinterest, comment on things you like, and create Pinterest boards filled with all kinds of inspiration (not just your blog.)


  • I highly encourage you to apply for RICH PINSJenna of A Savory Feast taught me this one! If you link here with you blog posts, Pinterest may approve your site for Rich Pins!
  • Start group boards and invite people to join them! The more pinners, the more followers. Your content gets passed around and in front of new eyes!

Start doing these things today and you will start to notice Pinterest working for you!

What do you love about Pinterest? Have you found it to be helpful to your blog/ buisness? Do we already follow each other on Pinterest? – Find me here and leave your link in the comments! 

Photo by: Stellar Propeller Studios

xoxo, elizabeth

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • I've been really using Pinterest lately to expand my blog audience… these are such great tips!!

  • Great tips! Thanks for sharing! (

  • Pinterest is my biggest source of traffic, and it's increased like crazy since they introduced the smart feed! Using Rich Pins helps a lot, and I include keywords in the description so that my pins show up more in searches. I've also heard that having comments and likes on your pins are more important now than they used to be.

  • All really interesting tips, Ive always sturggled to understand how Pinterest can be used to drive traffic. I use it myself and love it, and see that people are making huge traffic wins, but havent managed to crack the skill myself! very useful tips, I have just converted over to a business account so I am going to try that out first. Fantastic post!

  • Love this post so much! Pinterest is my biggest source of traffic right now and I think it all comes along with having quality images and posts on your blog. What do you think about branded pin it buttons that you install on your own, if you have browser extensions for Pinterest? Do you have any thoughts about that? I've been thinking about that lately!

  • Eryn Ivey

    I had no idea Pinterest had a business account. Learn sumthin' new every day!

  • What does Rich Pins mean? I cannot figure that out?

  • These are such helpful tips! I've been working on my Pinterest game recently. I think I was hesitant at first because Pinterest can be a bit of a distraction even though it can be helpful.

  • YAY! I am following you now!

  • I am so glad you were encouraged!

  • Also, thanks for commenting! You are filled with so much great advice!

  • I find that the business account has made a lot of difference for me – especially with being able to track analytics! I hope these tips will help!

  • YES! And it is so easy to switch your account!

  • Totally – I get that. I love scheduling time for it so I don't go overboard.

  • I have a button on the bottom of each post (not on each picture) I think that it is nice to have at least something that you like the style of on your blog so people can pin easily (because not everyone has the Pinterest button in their browser). I think if you look for tutorials on Pinterest you can find out how to add them yourself!

    Did I answer any of your questions? Lol

  • Rich Pins help your pins show up better in search results. There are several different types, but I have recipe rich pins. You've probably seen pins that list the ingredients at the bottom? That way if someone is searching for a specific ingredient, your recipe might show up in the search results. It also gives info like gluten free/paleo, etc.

    I've noticed a huge difference since installing them. You can go here: and just paste in any link from your blog to see if you can apply for rich pins. If your side isn't set up properly, there are several free plugins that can help. If you have any questions, let me know! 🙂

  • Aww you are welcome! Pinterest is my jam 🙂

  • Okay! So I really have no idea but I put some URLs in and we will see what happens! Thanks for helping me figure this out! I had not idea what "rich pins" meant!

  • It's a little confusing, but trust me, it will help!

  • Thanks for the tips on using hashtags and tagging brands… #'s really are everywhere! Didn't know about the free business account.. I need to check that out. Also I love how you opened up your Best of 2015 board to other pinners!

  • Alright! I am applying for some and we will see how it goes! Thanks for the tips! I'll have to add them to this post!

  • Yay! it usually takes a week or two for the rich pins to show up, but it will start applying to all of your blog's pins soon 🙂

  • Great tips! Most of my traffic has been from Pinterest! 🙂

  • Thanks for the tips! I'm trying to figure out how to best use pinterest and this gave me some things to look into, thanks! 🙂

  • This post is so unbelievably helpful. I'm still new to the blogging world, and have been using Pinterest to compile some blogging tips, but I think this post has finally introduced some new information to me. I've been thinking about how I need to utilize my Pinterest more, and this helps in so many ways. So thanks so much for sharing your tips & tools! & thanks for writing so openly and honestly too. I've been following your blog for quite some time now & it is definitely one of my favorites!

  • I didn't know that Pinterest has a business account. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing these tips. I need to work on utilizing Pinterest more… and remembering to go there!

  • Great post Elizabeth! Hey question for you – which Pinterest widget are you using on your sidebar? I love how clean it looks!

  • Thanks Erika! It was set up by my designer! I will ask her about it!

  • YES! Let me know if you switch, it is easy and I like it way more!

  • YAY! Let me know how it goes!

  • i know! It is fun to also meet new faces that way!

  • Thanks! Group boards are a great way to share content!

  • Kelly,
    I am so glad this post was encouraging and helpful! You are so sweet and encouraging!

  • Thanks for the tips, Elizabeth! I just applied for Rich pins – great suggestion! 🙂

  • YAY! I am also waiting to hear back on a couple of mine. I hope they work 🙂

  • For the rich pins you only have to apply once for your entire site. =) If your posts are validating using that link just hit apply on one of them and you're good to go for all the pins from your blog past or present (after they approve you of course – which sometimes takes over a month).

  • WHAT??!!? OMG this is new knowledge!

  • Yep! It's a per site approval and not a per post approval. Gotta love it! =)