The Lens Revolution: Magic Hour

I am joining in with Samantha of Elah Tree’s Lens Revolution! I have never taken a photography class but I long to learn more about my camera and creating pictures for this space! Sam just started this series on weekly prompts to help you learn and grow in your photography! I am thrilled to be joining in today – check out past prompts on ApertureISO, and Tripod Shooting!

Today’s challenge had us waiting for a specific time to get out and take some photos – Magic Hour! Magic hour is that time frame (not always an hour ;)) when the sun is setting and it casts this magical glow over all the land. It is also commonly known as Golden Hour. 
Bruce and I set out together to take advantage of this magic time. It takes some time figuring out when you need to get out there! We went once and missed it, so we went the next night and got there a bit early just to be safe! Some times magic hour stretches far over open plains but if you live where we do, the sun dips down behind the mountains (still providing hours more of light) just covering our city in the shade. It changes the dynamics of Magic Hour but you can still catch it if you time it right. We are working on that! HAHA. 
I also just found this website of a photographer named Ben Sasso! He wrote this incredible post on Golden Hour as well and I found it so helpful! Be warned, you will click over to this website and get lost forever! I am soaking in all the information I can learn! He even has some classes that I am saving up for!!! 
Have you ever tried to catch magic hour? Do you love it? It is fun to play around with all the kinds of lighting! Have a DSLR and want to play with it? Join The Lens Revolution!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Gorgeous photos Beth! I've been wanting to play with my camera during magic hour but never got round to it… think you may have just inspired me!

  • These look so great Beth! So golden and warm! Woot! The golden hour is my favorite!

  • These are so golden! I love them!

  • Love your photos!

  • I love taking pictures…you guys did a great job. I feel like all I've had a chance to take pictures of lately is baseball games!

  • Thanks so much! You need to just set a date!!!

  • YAY! We caught some – we have even more but they are coming to a blog post next week 😉

  • Thanks! And YAY! You should do a challenge out of it! Like one photo that sums up each game!

  • Umm…why have I never thought about this! Instead I'm just wandering around taking action shots!

  • These are such great photos! Yay for magic hour! 🙂

  • Annie L

    Thank you for sharing Ben Sasso's article, what a good read! And your photos! Gorgeous light! I love magic hour! These photographs are so pretty!

    Thanks for sharing!

    The MAMA Gazette

  • HAHA! That is okay! I just figure since you are always there it might be fun to make something interesting/ cool about it!

  • But action shots are also cool!

  • Thanks Monica!

  • I know! I love his whole website!

  • These turned out beautifully!

  • Amy

    you truly have such a lovely location.
    YOU make it that much more lovely.

  • Amy, you are always full of the best compliments!

  • Thanks so much! They were so fun!