The Lens Revolution: ISO

I am joining in with Samantha of Elah Tree’s Lens Revolution! I have never taken a photography class but I long to learn more about my camera and creating pictures for this space! Sam just started this series on weekly prompts to help you learn and grow in your photography! I am thrilled to be joining in today (and I’ll be joining in for the rest of the series so get ready!!)

Today we are talking about ISO. Up until I got my 50 mm lens (got camera in June 2014, got lens in Jan 2015) I just shot on the auto mode for ISO. It was one of my slow steps into manual mode! Once I got my 50 mm lens, so much light was pouring into my photos that I needed to make sure my ISO was on 100 when I was photographing outside! After that, it became more normal to change it when adjusting for the current lighting.
My camera (Canon EOS Rebel T3) only has six ISO settings (100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200) so I wasn’t able to do all the same ones as Sam but I did the 5 closest that I could!

F-stop :1.8
Shutter Speed : 1/250
ISO : 200

F-stop : 1.8
Shutter Speed : 1/500
ISO : 400

F-stop : 1.8
Shutter Speed : 1/1000
ISO : 800

F-stop : 1.8
Shutter Speed : 1/1000
ISO : 1600

F-stop :1.8
Shutter Speed : 1/1000
ISO : 3200

So, I kinda liked this photo shoot because I just sat on my couch, changed my ISO, and took pictures of my coffee table. It was relaxing πŸ˜‰ As the ISO went up, so did the lighting! I know the last pictures are washed out by my window light but I kinda love how white and angelic it makes things look.

The fun think about this whole process is that I have been shooting in manual since I picked up my camera (I made it a rule for myself) but I have not really played with one setting and placed them all next to each other. I think I love all of these pictures but for different reasons. The story that they tell is different in each picture, with each ISO!

What image do you think is best? In what ways is ISO better higher or lower? What do you usually have your ISO set at? Have a DSLR and want to play with it? Join The Lens Revolution!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • I like higher ISO for photos I know I'm going to turn into black and white because I like the grainy look. Kind of vintagey. So it just depends on what I'm going for in that particular photo… A lot of people say they have ONE style… I'm kind of all over the place. Like most things I do. Ha!

  • one thing to pay attention to is that with higher ISO you get grainier photos… so I usually try and keep it as low as I can for the particular lighting (better grainy than too dark)…

  • so interesting! thanks for sharing!! i have gone to one photography class but this was a great reminder! excited to explore more with ISO settings soon on my Nikon!

  • Yeah. Totally. That is why I always tend to shoot it lower. It is fun though to play with all the settings!

  • HAHA. Yeah. I don't really know what/if I have a style yet! I just try to take pictures that I like πŸ˜‰

  • It is fun to just play around for no reason! I usually am trying to capture a picture for a specific purpose so I only make the adjustments needed for that shot. This is fun because I just am playing with them all and I get to put them next to each other to see the changes!

  • What a great challenge. I find that I go back and forth between manual and auto just because of my comfort level and it I have more time to play around or not, so I love this idea of making time to learn and grow! Love your photos as always πŸ˜‰

  • I love the felt flowers! They're so fun! This challenge has been really great (I've been quietly participating so far. haha). I love seeing the challenges Samantha puts together and the way everyone interprets them.

  • Beth you're photos look so rad! I love how you styled them! Whoop! Love having you journey along with the challenge! Always love seeing your work!

  • The best thing about "styling" this shot was I just sat on my couch and took pictures of my coffee table!

  • Thanks! I made them a while back in a blog post DIY!

  • Image Three is my favorite!!! I also really like Image Five, though!

    One of my FAVORITE photographers is Sasha over at Lemonade Makin Mama: Most of her shots have a really washed out background, but that's what I love about them! I wish I took that leap more often, but I usually play it safe and turn out photos that are more like your Image Three. There's just something about letting in light and still turning out a good picture that appeals to me!

  • Yes! So bright. I love that look too!It is fun to play around with the setting in this challenge because it helps you kinda try out all the styles and maybe find your own!

  • My thoughts exactly!!! Have you found YOUR photography style????

    I catch themes in mine, but I don't know if I have a word to describe MY style….

    *~ Victoria*

  • HAHA! Not yet. I am just trying to figure that all out!