The Lens Revolution || Aperture

I am joining in with Samantha of Elah Tree’s Lens Revolution! I have never taken a photography class but I long to learn more about my camera and creating pictures for this space! Sam just started this series on weekly prompts to help you learn and grow in your photography! I am thrilled to be joining in today (and I’ll be joining in for the rest of the series so get ready!!)

I feel like a lost puppy sometimes with aperture. I just keep it the lowest it goes most days. With my 50 mm lens, I have had to bump it up a little because it was so bright outside and I already maxed out my shutter speed and lowered my ISO to 100. It wasn’t until this challenge that I learned that a low aperture is what makes the background so blurry, which may be why I never ventured off the low aperture – blurred background is my FAVORITE!

F-stop :1.8
Shutter Speed : 1/400
ISO : 400

F-stop : 5.6
Shutter Speed : 1/200
ISO : 800

F-stop : 7.1
Shutter Speed : 1/320
ISO : 1600

F-stop : 11
Shutter Speed : 1/160
ISO : 1600

F-stop : 16
Shutter Speed : 1/100
ISO : 3200

F-stop : 20
Shutter Speed : 1100
ISO : 3200

The photos at the end have a clearer image of my Naptime Diaries Canvas but they kinda get a little grainier also. When setting the aperture so high, I needed to bump up my ISO and lower my shutter speed to keep the image lit. When you lower the shutter speed, things get a little blurry and when you increase the ISO things get pretty grainy. That is the hard thing about higher apertures. When shooting outside and in great lighting conditions, aperture is much easier to play around with.

I see how each image tells a different story. My favorite story is blurry background. I don’t know why, but I am so drawn to it! It was my favorite thing about purchasing the 50 mm lens and it a theme of my current blog photography!

What image do you think is best? In what ways is aperture better higher or lower? What do you usually have your aperture set at? Have a DSLR and want to play with it? Join The Lens Revolution! 

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Awesome tips. Thanks for the breakdown!! <3

  • i am with you – i love the blurred background! it's like the subject is shouting "hey, look at me! i'm so important that i'm the only thing in focus!" plus it just looks really, really cool!

  • Yay! I love that you linked up! That is so awesome! And I love how styled your photos and how you can really see the changes in the canvas!

  • i agree–the super blurry backgrounds are the best. and as i try to gather my courage to use the camera on manual, it's helpful that you mentioned each setting you had for each picture!

  • I love your Naptime Diaries print! I also love seeing the items everyone has chosen to stage for this challenge!

  • Nothing like two beers for a photo challenge πŸ˜‰ I just really wanted to create some depth to play with!

  • YES! For real πŸ™‚

  • YAY! You should totally join in this next week on the challenge!

  • I know! I really wanted to create depth for the photos to see the difference in aperture!

  • I just copied Sam but I am glad that I did that!

  • I have an Canon Rebel EOS T3…. so maybe that is the difference! I used lightroom to see the settings after I uploaded them!