The Lens Revolution: Tripod Shooting

I am joining in with Samantha of Elah Tree’s Lens Revolution! I have never taken a photography class but I long to learn more about my camera and creating pictures for this space! Sam just started this series on weekly prompts to help you learn and grow in your photography! I am thrilled to be joining in today – check out past prompts on Aperture and ISO!

Today’s challenge involves selfies and tripods. It is meant to move us from behind the camera to in front of the camera – being the photographer and model all at the same time while telling a story. 
My story involves long days at work and the pressure to come home and continue producing – fold the laundry, start dinner, catch up on blog emails, cross off things in my planner, grab the mail, run to the grocery store, pick up the living room… I come home from work to more work and the rush and push of it all does nothing good for my mood. 
Because I go into work early, I come home early. I have a good hour before anything really needs to get done, I can plan chores & errands for the weekend, and I can wait to turn on my computer and see all I missed. That hour after work tends to be wasted anyways – browsing Pinterest or Twitter, falling into the comparison trap as I am overwhelmed by how much everyone else seems to be able to get done. 
I’ve started a new post work tradition that involves sitting in the sunshine. I nap, I read, I write (in a journal), I take photos for fun, I walk around the block, or do whatever I want. I may end up in the kitchen creating something new or picking up my clothes off the bedroom floor but it is not because I need to get it done to cross off my list – it is because I actually want to do that. 
The sun that shines through this window is so powerful because it is a western facing window and the sun always dances at the top of the mountains when I get home from work. I kinda love how it makes such hash lines and deep shadows.

Do you own a tripod? Do you ever try to take selfies? Have a DSLR and want to play with it? Join The Lens Revolution!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Love this!! I just got a tripod for christmas and it has been so fun playing around with it.

  • These are GREAT!!! Love them in black and white. Especially the last one.

  • Bethy! These are GORGEOUS! Love that you did black and white. 🙂

  • love these pictures!!! love all of the harshness of the shadows!

  • Love the contrast of these black and white photos! I use my tripod alllll the time because I take pictures of myself for my blog. That's how I destress on the weekend is going out for a few hours to take some pictures. Thanks for sharing The Lens Revolution. I'm going to check it out!

  • What a cool project. These photos are great. You are really evolving into a great photographer! B and I once tried to take pictures with my DSLR and a tripod. Though we got some nice ones, we were too focused on trying to beat the waning sunlight to really get a chance to play with it well, ha! This Lens Revolution sounds kind of awesome. I'm gonna have to check it out!

  • These are so fun and I love the lighting in them!

  • Thanks so much! I don't do a lot of black and white but it just felt right!

  • MEgs! Thanks so much! I am trying new things

  • Amy

    choosing to put these in black & white = genius.
    These are stunning; you are stunning!

  • So beautiful! Love it, Beth!

  • Beth, these pictures are gorgeous!!!! 🙂 What a neat challenge idea!

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks so much! I know! I love joining in with Elah Tree's challenge!

  • Thanks so much Amy! I don't do a lot of black and white but I figured now is the time to play around!

  • Thanks so much Allison!

  • Thanks so much Kendall! That is so encouraging to hear! You should really join in! you can catch up on all the old challenges when you get the chance, join in with this week's, and link up!

  • I love that! I used to use to more to take my blog pictures but now my husband takes all mine 🙂

  • Me too! So fun and so nostalgic!

  • These photos are so moody and beautiful! 🙂

  • Thanks! IT was fun playing around with something new – the lens revolution gives me freedom to do that!