Our good friends Chad & Michelle created a holiday that comes the Saturday before Easter every year. Everyone is invited and everyone is allowed to invite everyone else. IT is a collection of friends, strangers, connections, friend circles, and family members who come together to create a big family Easter celebration. Now that we are in our 20’s , starting families, and moving for jobs, not all of us have family near by to celebrate with. This tradition brings us together for a huge potluck event where we can play corn hole, eat great food, catch up with friends, pray together, and celebrate the gift of Jesus. 
We’ve been invited the last couple years and it is a tradition I am obsessed with. I love having friends that are more like family and huge get togethers that feel like crazy family reunions! These photos are some of the photos I took that day because these are moments I never want to forget. 
Do you have any fun friend traditions? What do you tend to do Easter weekend?

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • What a great idea… that looks so fun! That's similar to what a lot of us expats here do over Thanksgiving or Christmas since we're often far away from our families.

  • We call friends like that "Framily." Ha.

  • I love corn-hole! So fun! I haven't played since college though!

  • This looks like so much fun! Cute babies 🙂

  • We do something similar on Easter Day. After church we host a potluck for as many friends and family who can come/we can fit. It's our annual Easter "Framily" Dinner ( Growing up my mom always hosted Easter dinner at our house. So when I got married and moved away it was something I wanted to continue doing.

  • What a wonderful tradition!

  • baby corn hole – that is SO cute!!!

  • I love the idea of this tradition! I loved going to friends' homes for holidays while I was away at college because the 4 day breaks for Easter and Thanksgiving were always too short to fly across the country to be with my family. My husbands grandparents invite anyone and everyone to their home for Thanksgiving every year – something they've done since their kids were in college. I love it!

  • This is so great! Love the close knit community!