Summers That Changed My Life

I had wanted to be a camp counselor as long as I had known it was a job. Being paid to spend the summer at camp with high schoolers seemed like the best gig of all time. Heck, I could even meet a camp boy and join staff and stay forever, right?! (side note, I did meet a boy but we stayed just friends for 3 more years post camp)

I felt lucky and adventurous. The staff was great, I was on the team, the
butterflies were all kinds of flutter, and the kids were arriving. Then suddenly I was wondering what the heck I was doing. These teens with real struggles dreams, fears, and
addictions. Things that I still struggled with and wondered about – “Why do bad things
happen?”, “How can I be a good friend?” and “Will I ever get married?”

Two weeks into camp, sitting in a circle with these girls – these girls who were just like me.  I was their leader, I had four years of apparent wisdom on them but I got it, we got it. We still all get it.

We snuck back into the camp kitchen to put away our smores supplies. The sudden urge to turn on the camp radio to sit in the dark and worship overcame us. “How He Loves” filled the speakers of the camp kitchen and echoed into our hearts. I have no words to explain that moment but none of us were the same after it. Our hearts were touched deeply by the Love of our Savior. We all needed to hear it – we all struggled with perfectionism, approval, the desire for a boyfriend, the disappointment in our appearances,  the fear of not measuring up.

I that moment I knew it was all worth it. I needed them and they needed me. The counselors, the campers, the Crew. We worked together, lived together, shared together, and loved together.

I spent three summers on summer staff at Eagle Lake Camp (2008, 2009, 2011) and those summers molded me into who I am now. If you are college aged and still wonterding what the heck you are doing with your summer, come to Colorado! Apply to work at Eagle Lake here and ask me all the questions you want. I’ll only have good things to say because it may have been hard at times but it was so worth it.

Do you have summers (or seasons) that changed your life? What about moments like mine in the kitchen that you will literally never be able to forget? Are you looking for something to do with your summer (do you know boys who need something to do with their summer)? Come to Colorado and work at Eagle Lake Camps

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Camp!! AH! I spent three summers at Eagle Lake that each helped shape me into who I am today, and you were there for two of those summers!
    P.S. 18 days until I am in Colorado. WHAT.

  • That camp looks so fun! My childhood summers were spent at my grandparents where I would play through the hills and creeks and learn to cook from my grandmother. Precious memories that I'm so thankful for!

  • Such a fun look into your college years thanks for sharing your awesome experience!

  • Gah, this post gives me all the feels. I spent basically my entire middle school at camp (where I met my husband too!) and then came back to work as a counselor and volunteer throughout college. Some of the best friends and lifelong memories made!

  • I was a camp counselor for two summers and it was the best experience of my life. If I could it forever I would.

  • Growing up abroad, going to summer camp wasn't a part of the culture. It's a shame because I know I would've loved it! Such a sweet post.

  • That moment in the kitchen sounds so awesome and memorable! Your pictures are so fun! I lived in Guatemala for a summer teaching English and tutoring science and math. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done but one of the things that had a lasting impact.

  • This is so sweet! I had a ton of friends in college who worked at camps over the summer. They always loved their expereinces!

  • I can't get over these pictures. Best summer ever. Thanks for being THE BEST counselor ever.

  • It is magical!

  • so fun! I love the memories we make and hold onto!

  • Where did you work!?!?

  • YAY! #campcouples

  • Thanks!

  • I love that!

  • WHAT?!? πŸ˜‰

  • I'm a HUGE camp person and still work at one year round…this definitely hit home with me. Had (and still continues to have) the greatest impact on my life!! I always love coming across articles online about why you should hire a camp counselor over anyone else, or why you should date a camp counselor over anyone else – I am always agreeing!!

  • I love this! I had a summer camp that I loved while I was growing up.

  • Abigail Fennema

    This is LITERALLY the best. So thankful for that summer. Also, can we just talk about how many of your campers came back on staff?! ha. Thanks for being the best camp counselor.

  • You guys look like you had SO much fun! I loved camp growing up, though I didn't go to very many. I attended the Robert Welch Society political camp for young adults and after that, a couple summer Bible camps. I think the summer that really changed my life was working at Absaroka Mountain Lodge in Wyoming. It was minutes from Yellowstone, had so many opportunities for hiking, and we got to horseback ride just about every day. It was hard work, but it was SO worth it. I grew a lot that summer, getting to spend time by the river with no cell phone service and no wifi, with only a Bible and a beautiful swing, surrounded by God's creation!

  • Abby,
    Sweet one! Don't you love all the old photos I discovered? We looked SO cool πŸ˜‰ And also, you are totally the sweetest! Love you!

  • Yes! Camp is always worth it!

  • It is so wonderful! Everyone needs to go to camp!

  • You go girl! I love that you do that! We always share those post because my husband and I are one of those "camp couples" so we have a soft spot for camp!