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Good Morning! I hope you are excited because this post holds my very first (and quite possibly my last ever) vlog. A couple weeks ago when I offered y’all the opportunity to ask questions and I said that I would answer them in person, I had NO IDEA how hard it was going to be to make a video. Emotionally, physically, practically hard. It was like hello insecurities and stage fright! Oh dear. But I made it through and you better watch this video because I put so much blood and sweat into this one! (It is okay if you do not have time for the video now, you can see my summary below!)

DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION FOR ME? I am continuing to answer your questions so please fill out this form to submit your question and I will get to it! XOXO

1. Do you go by Elizabeth or Beth? (Anonymous)
I go by both! I went by Elizabeth until Kindergarten and then I could not write my whole name on my papers. My teacher suggested that I come up with a nickname and I have been Beth ever since. I always have loved both names but found the transition hard/weird so I always just go by Beth. When I started getting into blogging, I discovered a world where I could be Elizabeth and not confuse everyone – turns out, I still do! HAHA
2. What type of camera do you use/ do you take your pictures / did you take photography classes? (Asked by Itunu)
I use a Canon EOS Rebel T3 and I love it! It is so new to me but I am learning lots. I do take a majority of my own pictures myself or I set up a tripod. Bruce (my husband) also helps me take a lot of pictures too while we are out! He is the one who got me into photography! I have never taken a class but I would love to! Let me know if you have any course recommendations! For more photography answers & tips, check out this post!
3. Do you Daydream of having children? (Asked by Liz)
Yes, one day but not today!
4. How do you take your coffee (Asked by Laura)
Black. Yum.
5. When was the turning point when you felt that you could start putting money into your blog? (Asked by Andrea
This is such a good question! I think this was when I decided to take my blog seriously. When I was confident in it as my hobby and creative outlet, I wanted to start using my fun money to try new things. To learn, grow, expand, and be professional. When I chose that this place was worth the investment to me, that is when I was okay putting some money into it! Here is an article on that process that dives a little deeper into this question!
What are your questions? And answers?

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Great video! I know how awkward it can be but you did great. And you're adorable!

  • Loved watching it! You did great!!!

  • your dance at the beginning is so you. i loved it.
    p.s. you did great! can't wait for more oak+oats videos!! 🙂

  • You are so cute 🙂

    But seriously, no coffee creamer?!

  • what a fun video! so weird to hear someone's voice for the first time!

  • Great Q & A. As a new blogger I always find it so interesting to read about people making big career changes with their blog. Thanks for the link to photography tips 🙂

  • Laura @

    What a great post and great video! It's always nice to hear and see the people behind fantastic blogs.

  • kristin

    Loved it! you are so cute! your hair looks awesome! thanks for taking the time to vlog!

  • Thanks meg. I made it go to music. I felt like a video pro!

  • HAH! I know. Not really. Ocassionally I will put some in a bad cup of church coffee but mostly I just drink Americanos and Iced Coffees!

  • Thanks so much Kristin!

  • Laura! Thanks for the sweet compliment!

  • You are so welcome! I hope that these videos can be encouraging and helpful!

  • I know! I always think that! Even hearing my own voice in a video is totally weird!

  • Thanks so much Meg!

  • This was so great! I was so right! You were so cute and it was amazing!

  • I meant to also tell you that you have totally motivated me to do my next vlog!

  • HAHA! I am glad that all that work was for something!! 😉

  • Great post and lovely video! It is cool to see and hear a blogger I enjoy reading.

  • glowingscenes

    yay!!!!! the long awaited vlog is here and it was pretty awesome!! You're so cute and adorable. Your voice is lovely too and thank you sooo much for answering my questions. I enjoy reading your blog so much and recommend it to a few. Very lovely. Thanks once again

  • You did awesome Beth! You should make this vlogging thing a regular thing 🙂

  • Kim Ridings

    Great video blog! You looked and sounded great!

  • Kendra Castillo

    so fun! I hate doing vlogs it feels so awkward but dont fret you were a natural 🙂 love getting to know you better

  • I like this vlog, but I totally understand feeling awkward in front of the camera as far as videos go!
    Oh another note, my BFF went by one name in college because of the popularity of her first name, Jennifer, and now she's trying to switch back to Jennifer. It's been SO confusing. Thankfully she doesn't get upset when people mess up, but it's been an adventure. She's getting married next year and half of her bridesmaids don't know who I'm talking about right away when I mention Jennifer (I'm her MOH.) It's been an interesting struggle. haha

  • Liz

    You did great! Much better than what I would do!

  • YAY!! I LOVE it!!! I love how much your personality shines in this- it takes a LONG time for most people to goof off in front of the camera 🙂

  • Yay! I am so glad you did a vlog! I really feel like I get to know a blogger better when they vlog–as nerve-wracking and awkward as they are to make one. 🙂 I'm excited to see your next one!

  • p.s. I totally forgot to mention that you were a complete natural with this. I felt like I was sitting across from you chatting about blogging (something I hope to do someday in real life!).

  • HAHA! Thanks so much! You are the best!

  • HAAH! I need a little of that to help me relax!

  • That is hilarious! yeah – I didn't want that!

  • Thanks MOM! You are the best!

  • HAHA! I will have to know because I still have so many questions to answer!

  • Yeah! I am so glad you enjoyed it! Your sweet words are so encouraging to me!! I am hoping that over time I get a little better at them!

  • I loved getting to watch this! It's so fun hearing your answers and getting to know you more 🙂

  • I just recently got a little remote for my camera for about $15 on Amazon and it's a game changer! Most DSLRs have built in functionality for them, you just have to buy the teeny little remote thing. It cuts out all the running back and forth. Anyway, maybe you already know about them, but I was completely amazed that I hadn't thought of it sooner when someone suggested it to me for the first time. =)

  • Thanks Madison

  • Oh thanks! I will look into it!