Editing Blog Pictures

when i talked about my Chromebook the other day, a lot of you were asking about editing pictures. i do not have photoshop (and i never have) so i was not intimidated about buying a computer that does not run it. i did want to share with you some of the free resources that i use when preparing my photos for my blog and talk about how you can make your photos look nice even if you don’t know anything about photoshop.

(disclaimer: i am not a pro nor do i claim to be! each day i am learning more how to create better pictures myself! but i wanted to share with you some free editing websites that i use and how i go about creating pictures for this space!)
this one is one of my favorites that i use whenever i need to do a collage or quick edits. it is super easy to use and totally user friendly. you can change and play with colors, crop and edit, and add fonts. one of my favorite things to do is add brightness to pictures, add words, and use the collage function! you can do all sorts of collages on this site and it works great for what i need to do! the more you play around with it the more you discover! 

this is another great free website that i use a lot! i use it for quick edits (like cropping and re-sizing). you can also do a lot of the same type of text/fonts as the other site. i like this one for having white text boxes and other stickers. 

i guess it all really starts with this guy. my husband bought a camera his senior year of high school (2007) – it is a Sony Cybershot DSC- H7. when we got married it became mine (marriage tends to do that!). it took me a couple months to uncover it in the closet and claim it as my own but i have been using it for blogging since then. it has a manual setting but i only do the automatic one – i would love to learn the manual side one day (either on this camera or a new one!) but for now i just automatic my shots! 
– try different angles
– take pictures in daylight (outside or in rooms lit by windows)
– look on pinterest and see the type of photos that catch your eye, try to recreate those
– use solid backgrounds (like a wooden table or a white poster board)
– try up close and far away
– take a lot of pictures and then pick one or two of your favorites! 
Pixlr photo editor: from what i hear, this is a lot like photoshop. i have not done much with this because it does not really make much sense to me but my husband likes it.
– Death to Stock Photo: if you do not want to take your own pictures, this is a GREAT option so that you are not stealing other peoples photos by using ones you find in a google search. i still recommend trying to take your own pictures and using as much of your own stuff as you can! 
8 tips for taking better photos on your phone in 2014: i love this article! there is a lot of great advice in here. you do not need to have a fancy camera or be a photoshop pro to create fun photos for your blog! 
BE ENCOURAGED, you can take pictures for your blog! yes, some bloggers are photography bloggers and their pictures are stunning works of art! but that does not mean you cannot create pretty pictures too. 

Author: Oak & Oats

  • I am always looking for better ways to edit my photos so this post will be a very handy resource thanks for sharing!

  • Sarah Burton

    I just spent 15 minutes playing around with Fotor and I love it! Thanks for this!

  • I hadn't ever heard of fotor before – going to have to check that one out for sure! thanks! I'm a big photoshop lover. not just because I use it for work a lot (and the constant requests to get rid of peoples bags under their eyes lol) but mostly for tweaking colour, brightness and contrast of images and agree – helps with an awesome photo!!!

  • "What his is hers and what's hers is hers" Some of the funnest marriage advice we received on our wedding day 🙂

    Pinned this! THANK YOU for this article! Your blogging posts are so encouraging!

    Just this week I've been learning a lot on picmonkey. I like it so far, but I have so much to learn! I want to get a canon rebel and really learn how to take a good picture with that, but I need to wait a while and learn what I can with what I have right now (mainly because I've had three rebels and never once made the effort to learn how to use them manually!).

  • all good tips, beth! i use fotor and picmonkey on ocassion if i need to create a collage or something. i mostly do all of my photo editing in photoshop or on my phone! 🙂

  • Fun stuff. I'm a Photoshop girl myself but it's cool that there are other options for those that aren't! 🙂

  • Morgan

    Had never heard of the Foto Flexer but love how easy it is to navigate!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Great tips! I need to check some of these out. Gimp is another great free program, it's a little more "photoshopy" so it has a bit of a learning curve with layers etc. but it's nice…and free.

  • Amy

    fantastic tips! 99% of the time i just use my good ol' mac preview options….but to do collages i definitely outsource! 🙂

  • Julie Hood

    this is so great! thanks for these tips. have you ever tried picmonkey.com? another free photo/collage editing site 🙂

  • FOR REAL thank you for sharing. I have an old version of photoshop on a computer that was handed down to me, and I'm just not going to spend the money on the new version.. plus.. that business is hard to figure out on your own! I've been literally emailing myself photos to open on my phone to edit with iphone apps and then email them back to myself to put on my blog. You DON'T know how much time and headache this will save me.

    you're the best.

  • Patty

    Whoa, I have never heard of the first two, but am pumped to check them out. I don't have photoshop so these sound like great, free options!!

  • wow thank you for recommending these free options. I feel totally overewhelved with photoshop and have been on the look out for some other programs to use! I use my phone alot for editing photos sadly. happy tuesday!

  • Yay! You're the best, I will definitely be using these options!

  • Definitely great tips. I have only really used picmonkey and photoshop… but I want to try these out!

  • Alright – all my blog photos are exclusively taken on my iPhone5. I dread the thought of uploading pictures from a digital camera. Although I wouldn't mind investing in a wifi digital camera (there are such things!). My favorite app to edit photos is Pic Tap Go! Best thing ever, especially the "Lights On" filter. It is great when taking photos on a gloomy day. Other times I use Snapseed or something else if I want to blur some of the background.

    I would exclusively edit them entirely on my phone if I would take the time to load the fonts I use for my blog into the Phonto text app, but I've put that off for forever!

    Now – thanks for showing those sites for the white boxes. For some reason I can't figure that out on Photoshop (seems so simple, right?), but now I can do my own!!

  • Fotor looks pretty cool! Gotta bookmark that one. 🙂

  • Amy Dawn Bishop

    Great advice! It's amazing how many awesome free resources there are out there!

  • Thank you for all the resources. I need to play around with them all and see what they can do.

  • Love these tips Beth! I just wrote a whole post on blogging & photography last month. One of the best tips I've ever received and now like to give is to choose a consistent width for the photos in a post! I think it just helps pull a blog post together and makes it look clean. Also, Blogging 101 is up on HTB today, so thanks for sharing your input on how to start blogging with my readers!

  • I'm so glad to know that not everyone is using Photoshop. It intimidates me but I'm sure if I just learned it I'd be fine.

    Pixlr can be intimidating but they have an express version (http://pixlr.com/express/). You can do simple edits to photos and resize them. They also have an app for your phone that does the same exact things. It's nice for travel because if I'm on a long layover (like yesterday of 10+ hours) I can whip out a post from my phone if needed.

    Thanks for sharing what you use. I haven't heard of several of those and will have to check them out.

  • Well, this is super duper handy. How did I not know about these photo editing websites? I use photoshop elements for pretty much all of my photo-editing, but these sites look easy and fun to try. Thanks for sharing your tips and putting a lot of great information in one place!

  • I've never heard of Fotor! Picmonkey has always been my go-to but I'm off to explor Fotor now – thanks for always passing NEW info along, I love it!!

  • pictures can be one of the best but most daunting aspects of running a blog (an aspect i think you do excellent at by the by ; ) these are such great tips of getting great photos without spending hours learning new software!


    Great tips, thanks for the post.

  • you are so welcome!

  • Everyone keeps talking about Picmonkey! I will have to look into that!! and yes! I say use what you got and make the most of it (And save!!) until you have enough to upgrade!

  • you are so welcome!

  • 🙂 of course!

  • you can check out my sidebar for some great like minded bloggers! also the passionfruit marketplace is filled with awesome blogs!

  • I just started doing some stuff with picmonkey!

  • I am proud of you!

  • of course!

  • I am all about the free!

  • nice!

  • haha! I totally get what you mean! I am so glad that you can now use a computer for editing!! XOXO

  • I know! I am all about that!

  • of course!

  • :)!!

  • I had never heard of picmonkey until this post!

  • I am glad you are encouraged!

  • of course!

  • Thanks lady! yeah, if I was a photoshop pro I would feel more confident – but I am not so I needed to find new ways! #thankyougoogle

  • of course!

  • I know – there are so many free ones hidden out there!

  • Thanks for the resource!

  • yes, once I discovered that I could re-size my pictures to all be 640 px and line up nicely in my post, my blog looked much more professional!

  • yes! I love playing around with them – I am still learning new things!

  • I agree! I keep googling "free ______" and it is amazing what is out there!

  • I have all them bookmarked!

  • Marissa Giddens

    I use Fotor too! Thank for sharing all of these great resources Beth!

  • You are so welcome!

  • I love this. Because all I want to do is write, but when you're writing about outfits it really helps to have a picture or two! Ha. Thanks for the encouragement and the resources!

  • YES! Photos are so important but also intimidating at times! I also just discovered Canva and I love using it too!