Top 5 Tips for Instagram

Five Top Tips for Instagram - Take advantage of one of the best social medias out there!

I love instagram. It is hands down my favorite social media. I love that you can create a folder of snapshots and memories. Filled with places you go, people you love, and things you do. Enough space for a caption but not enough space for too many crazy rants or buzzfeed articles. It is a pile of pictures that you can carry in your pocket – like those plastic inserts you can put into your wallet – but better!

I wanted to continue my Blog Tips seriesΒ by talking about Instagram! Instagram is a great way to grow you blog/ business by connecting on a personal level with your readers, followers, and customers. You can highlight things you are working on, provide readers with sneak peeks, and show that you are a real person. When you see your favorite blogger’s adorable dog or you see that one of your favorite shops love the same coffee shop as you create a new connection with them. It creates loyalty to that brand, you may love that target scarf but the one from the etsy seller who loves Harry Potter just as much as you do might win out because of that personal connection. You can form connections like that with your followers too! Here are five easy steps on putting your best foot forward on instagram:

Be Consistent

I think one of the most important things on instagram is to post often. I personally think one a day is a good amount – sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the content of that day. I tend to post more on the weekends because I am doing fun things and slow down during the workweek because I spend 8 hours of my day in a cubicle with bad lighting (no one wants a pic of that!) Post often enough that you show up in news feeds regularly and avoid photo dumping your last weeks all in one day. The beauty of instagram is that it is the daily. Capture those daily shots and let your audience into your world.

Be bold

We all love starbucks coffee but we can only handle so many instagrams of your morning starbucks. Be bold and try new things. Stop while walking down the sidewalk to take a shot of your daily coffee shop sign (instead of the coffee cup we see everyday), take a picture of your besties at lunch laughing or mid sip (instead of the crammed in awkward smile selfie), or try a closeup of your baby’s cute little toes instead of the same picture of her laying in her crib. We want to see your life as seen through your eyes. Not just the safe pictures, but the fun ones – the ones we do not expect.


This is one of the most important ones. If you want to connect with your audience (readers, supporters, customers) you need to engage them. Take a picture of your favorite breakfast place and ask your followers what breakfast place has their deepest affections, show a picture of you in your team gear before the game and challenge your readers to pick a team before the game, or simply ask “can you relate?” after you post a picture of a cheerio & milk stained table. Not only are you taking a snapshot of your day but you are inviting your readers to experiment that moment with you.Also, a huge part of this is comments! Respond to the comments people leave on your instagram. While it is impossible to respond to them all, it is important to try to engage as best you can. Click on names to see the people who are hearting all your pictures – favorite the ones you love – maybe even follow them. Start a hashtag or engage with hashtag communities. Some of my current favorites if you need a place to start are: #holdersnotfolders #theeverydayproject and #fridayintroductions. Reaching out to the instagram community shows that your heart is to engage and is much more likely to make readers fall in love with you and your product!

Find the Right Angle

This goes hand and hand with the bold one. Take a million pictures until you find the one that captures the moment best. Try photographing from above, below, up close, far away, inside, outside, and all around. When you capture your pictures at new and interesting angles we are drawn to the story you are telling. It also creates a heart of creativity and joy in the everyday. Maybe your daily life is pretty much the same everyday – look for those new angles and photos to refresh you!


Be Real

I think this is the most important so I put it last! Be real. Show you you are and what you do. We all want to connect to the real person behind the brand. We create loyalty when we see you. You can create your own boundaries when it comes to this category – you do not need to be super personal and share all the pictures you send to your mom but you can show us your favorite coffee shop to think in or behind the scenes of your shop!



Focus on the picture and not the filters. Do not go too crazy on filters, frames, stickers. They can be cute in moderation, but they can be overwhelming every photo. VSCO is my favorite app for my instagram pictures (on Android & iPhone) – Here is a tutorial on the app!!

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What is your instagram advice?

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • I am just getting back into Instagram so great timing for this piece – some good advice and all so simple to apply

  • Nice post! My advice would be to lay off so many filters. Find either a really good camera app like VSCO, or choose one simple filter you love and stick with it. The filters, frames and PicStitch craziness gets old very quickly, lol.

    • Oak & Oats

      You are so right! I always say less it more!

  • I LOVE INSTAGRAM. but you already knew that.
    super great tips! i think it's really important to try to find new and fresh ideas, think about your photography perspective/angles, and engage with your followers!! aside from my blog, instagram is my favorite way to interact with my social media friends. it's much more personal than facebook or twitter and i love that it's like a cute visual diary!

  • Good tips! I love instagram because it gives you a glimpse into peoples everyday lives but I need some tips and idea so much appreciated!

  • you're a CHAMP at the angles/perspectives thing. i love the unique angles all your insta pics are shot from!

  • Thanks for the tips!!!

  • rachdillard

    These are really great tips! Love learning new ways to make things a little better πŸ™‚

  • Great tips!

  • Amy

    great tips! I know a lot of peeps who could hear this πŸ˜‰

  • Love these tips! I'm totally still getting my feet on the ground with instagram, but I have been loving it and I love how it challenges my photography in different ways.

  • These tips are absolutely amazing! Thank you!!

  • I love the "be real" and "focus on the picture." So often we forget these things in the pursuit of followers, which is just silly!

  • Love this post. I really love Instagram too and I am always wanting to improve! I'm definitely pinning these tips for future reference πŸ™‚ I am also going to share this next week for the Instagram Blog Hop every Monday!

  • Such good tips – especially the comment about overdoing it on the filters. I see those effects as tools that can enhance the photos but you definitely have to be careful. It can easily get to be too much and distract from the picture itself.

    PS – Visiting from Nicole's link up πŸ™‚

  • Stephanie! Thanks for stopping by – yeah I think that is an important one. At the beginning it is fun to use them all but then you miss out on the pictures themselves.

  • Madison! Thanks so much πŸ™‚ That will be so fun!

  • I agree. You are going to want to look back and see pictures that spark memories for you. That is the sweetness of instagram

  • Sara! You are so welcome. I am glad you were encouraged and inspired!

  • YEah! I love instagramssss!

  • HAHA. MAybe you can casually share the article with them πŸ˜‰

  • Thanks!

  • ME too! and It is fun to share what I have learned and learn from each other!

  • Of course! Enjoy playing around with your camera phone!

  • Thanks! I love always challenging myself to find a new perspective!

  • That is why I love it too!!

  • I love that too! And I made sure to add your VSCO post because everyone should use that app!

  • YES! I love VSCO and I love that it is on android and iphone!

  • yeah! I am excited to see what you come up with!

  • I am excited for you πŸ™‚

  • oh thanks!! and yes they should! it's the best!

  • Beth, I think you've turned me into a believer. I hope to add Instagram to my social media list soon. Thanks for sharing!

  • I am so glad! It really is my favorite!!!

  • Thank you for putting it out there about not taking pictures of your Starbucks coffee cup! I was just telling my sister the other day that I don't understand why people do that. We're probably holding our own cup while we scroll through Instagram, we know what they look like. πŸ˜‰ Another round of great information! Thank you!!

  • Thanks Elizabeth! I really just want to encourage and inspire creativity!