the evolution of a home

the evolution of a home. that is a thing right? at least it is in my place. i can dream up all these great rooms but it takes awhile to get them there. in fact, sometimes i don’t like my original vision and i leave walls empty until something comes up. 
CASE AND POINT THIS WALL. i have been working on my kitchen for sometime now (ummm like ever since i moved in) and i just finally blogged about it because it felt a little more put together. it first started with sanding and painting all the cabinets white. they were that horrid yellow wood from the early 80’s and i was DONE with it! i mean it matched NONE of my kitchen decorations! (if you want to see glimpses of what it looked like in my kitchen click here. i obviously tried to hid my ugly kitchen from the blog but i was trying to share meals… and it looks like my food photography has gotten better since these pictures… i hope). so we painted them and i never blogged about the experience – sorry. and for a while everything was white and i still had this old display of engagement pictures up (as seen here & here) i liked them enough but when they came down to paint the walls they never went back up. oh! you can see the white a bit in this post – i also started on the mint paint that weekend apparently (or at least i bought it!). so then mint went up on the walls and the rack from ikea held my vintage mugs. only a little bit has changed since that September update. we got a kitchen table lamp & we added a tv so that we could Chromecast netflix, pandora, and youtube while we were doing dishes and entertaining people (it is much easier to throw the new Jimmy Fallon skit on the tv so everyone can hear, see, and laugh!) we also hid bunny ears in our cabinets so that that we could watch the Bronco games! 
but that wall. that big mint wall. it sat empty for months. i decorated it for the seasons (fall & Christmas) but wanted something that stood through the ages. then this Naptime Diaries canvas came along. i spent many hours starting at all the wonderful canvases – how could i chose? megan was the one who finally convinced me to go with the freedom print. she was right, the colors match perfectly with the vintage pops of color and gold accents. 
i like evolving homes. they are real and lived in. they have budgets and stick to them. they save their money and wait for just the right additions to their homes. they gather their friends to paint with them. and they invite people over even when their homes do not look like a magazine. because that is what makes a house a home right? the people. yes, i agree!
Naptime Diaries has wonderful prints for your home (not just your kitchen) in all shapes and sizes. they are offering a spring sale right now to Oak + Oats readers because they just like you so much! you can get 15% off all prints & canvases when you use the code: SPRING2014

does your home go through this ever changing process like mine?

Author: Oak & Oats

  • Everything! Ha! The Hubs comes home every day and asks what's new today. I always change things around…even if it's just a photo or a vase moved to a new spot. I like change! I've been holding off on doing a "home series" on my blog too, because it's just not quite there yet… soon probably! I love that print!

  • i LOVE that you went with this one. it looks so good in your kitchen!!…i knew it would 😉 it is my favorite and i think i may go get it in print version right now 🙂 your kitchen is my fave…so homey and cute and comfortable. it's welcoming, just like you!

  • That canvas is so beautiful! It looks great on that wall, too. Lamar and I have lived in our new home for almost a year now, and the upstairs barely has ANYTHING on the walls. We are hanging photos slowly but surely. I also really hope to paint our master bedroom. Currently it's a deep plum color and it's just way too dark.

  • Honestly, I am about to dive headfirst into this space in my life in the next few weeks. Our home was just practically destroyed by a flood last Tuesday. We lost a lot, but we have our lives and could not ask for anything more. It's great to know that even in what could be such a gloomy time, God is still God and He is always looking out for us. One bright side will be that I will have a new home to decorate (soon hopefully). I know I want things to be simple, but I also want it to really feel like "home". xoxo

  • pretty! Our apartment is currently filled with things from all over the globe. We have a lot paintings, portraits made from tiny gems, and lots of other things that my husband has acquired on mission trips. I like it for apartment living and am excited to organize it all into a home someday.

    I'm glad your house is becoming a home! That's so fun!

  • I love the evolution of your home! That's how I feel about our little apartment. Having a budget means things are always evolving for us because we always do things a little bit at a time. That's how I feel about our office. It was the last room we worked on and I still feel like it's evolving.

  • Jasey Jade

    Such a beautiful canvas!

  • I think you can do them whenever! No home is "finished" they are an endless work of art. anyways, the lived in ones are the best!

  • yes! Thanks. you are too kind!

  • I am so in love with it! girl. our bedroom is like empty! haha. it takes time and money. i like slow progress. just make sure you still have people over even in the in between.

  • Oh dear! We had our house flood when I was a kid. It is a crazy time. Praying for your new life that you will bring to you home! XOXO

  • SO fun! I love bring bits and pieces of history and places together!

  • Oh me too! Our office has had a lot of work but it is not really done yet!

  • Thanks! I love it! and you can get it for %15 off with the code!!!

  • Amy

    hands down yes.
    i have so many "visions" for what i want my home to look like, but it takes time, money, and did i mention money? 🙂
    i am known to hoard picture frames until the right picture comes along, or hoard ligh fixures until i can figure out how to change them…it happens. evolution is a process.
    I love that print though….like love it!

  • yes! I am kinda like that. but I have more prints than frames. i have one i want to put in the guest bathroom but i have to paint it first…