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i have been working on my kitchen all summer. first it was the cabinets, then it was the mint walls, now it is that large blank wall behind my kitchen table (maybe i need one of these canvases). when we first moved into our house i had millions of projects in mind thanks to pinterest. the first room i needed put together was the living room because that is the room we entertain in. the kitchen came second (because that is also another room we entertain it ) and it is amazing how much the white cabinets and the mint walls brighten up the room (imagine dark 80’s kitchen – yuck). the Mayberrys are loving the new look – hope you do too!
– paint color :: irish green acres glidden semi-gloss from Walmart (same thing as HomeDepot but cheeper!)
– whatever is lovely print :: lindsay letters
– animal prints :: souvenirs from Norway (so scandinavian!)
– curtains/ curtain rod :: target 
– cup rack :: ikea
– most everything else :: the thrift shop 

Author: Oak & Oats

  • Megan McIlvaine

    bah!! it's so fresh and so clean. i love it so much and want to sit in your house all day long. i get to see it in 2 weeks!!!! 🙂

  • Suzana S.

    Good job! Mint walls rock! Pinterest can really be an awesome place to find inspiration on, I agree. And I totally vote for that canvas on the wall above the table! xx

  • It looks so pretty and colorful!! Love what you did here! And such a great blog as well 🙂 good to find you

  • I love how you make the small space look so inviting and open!

  • Kiki

    Love this kitchen! The colors are so pretty (I'm a huge fan of white and mint is always a good color) and I love the pops of color in your mugs and kitchen utensils. Great work, my friend!

    p.s. I LOVE the ladder bookshelf/gameshelf. So fun! 🙂

  • maddierichardson

    Loving the new house, and loving the new design, my friend!!! Soooo gorgeous.

  • Judy Beltrez

    love love love how your apt is coming along. the kitchen looks super cozy.

  • Katie Rush

    Gah I love it! I keep begging the hubs to let me paint our cabinets white (think hideous builder's grade honey oak. woof), but he thinks its way too much work!

  • girl!!! that is what we had too. i am going to put up a post on how we painted out cabinets soon!

  • Victoria Rodgers

    hmmm. Your home is lovely.

  • Jenny Fish

    Absolutely LOVE that "Come Thou Fount" canvas. And that color would look really good against your mint walls. I have that exact canvas on my "diy" board, so maybe it's something you can make yourself!

  • awe your house looks so cute and homey! i'm loving the mint walls!

  • thank you. we also have a wand that we got at Ollivander's on display in our livingroom… #nerdsforlife 🙂

  • Thanks! It needed a little life 🙂

  • I like the work you did. It seems so cozy. I have to make more of an effort to get stuff on my walls.

  • Loving your place! Especially the HP collection. 🙂 Way to display them proudly!

  • thanks! we have two sets because we both brought them into our marriage. mine are on display because i kept mine pretty 🙂

  • thanks!! it has taken me over a year to do this but things take time!

  • thanks! me too. such a fresh-ness

  • ooooh! good idea! i'll get to working on a DIY for that wall!

  • you are lovely.

  • thanks girl! you are so sweet. (and yes, a lot of newness!)

  • thanks. we are super nerdy so we have all our games on display! haha.

  • thanks! open space is my favorite!

  • thanks!!! I'll save my money 🙂