true community

(oops. i am the only one not in front of my husband. sorry we traded places Katlyn, i messed it all up!)
last weekend our Bible study went up to the mountains. we spent the weekend in Breckenridge, CO in a house big enough to fit us all. we actually won a weekend in this house at the Gala & Silent Auction at my work (they bought a table and everyone went to support me and the ministry I work with!) while at the Gala, we thought a weekend away would be fun for the group so we fought over it at the auction and won! eeep!
those with childrens were able to leave them with grandparents and those with babies in their tummies brought them – there are three pregnant ladies in this picture FYI. we played games, sat in hot tubs, drank woodchucks, slept on pull out beds, and shared meals. not going to lie, we were tempted to all sell our houses/ break rent contracts to move into one big house together and live like this forever. or maybe just all buy houses on the same land…
community is something i value so much. and so do all these peoples. in fact, we just got done reading through True Community by Jerry Bridges  to better understand what the should/ can look like in our lives. we are going on four years with this group and there have been so many changes – when we began this group only two of couples were married (now we all are). and the babies are the newest additions. we have helped each other look at wedding dresses, buy houses, find jobs, Trust the Lord to provide, and simply live life.  
there are a lot of golden nuggets in this book but one of my favorites is when he is describing the community of the early church.

“and they realized that their fellowship with God logically brought them into fellowship with one another. Through their union with Christ, they were formed into a spiritually organic community. They were living stones being built into a spiritual house (see 1 Peter 2:5)” (page 11)

we desire to be that way. to encourage, to share, to laugh, to live in Christ, and walk with each other. the relationship with have with the Lord draws us into community with each other. because we are family – brothers and sisters in the Kingdom. i am blessed by these people. 

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • These are such sweet words on community! Thanks for sharing! Love the photos too! Building community has been tough in LA but we are trusting that God is using us as he sees fit.

  • Looks like a great time! Community is such a tremendous blessing. I'll have to check out the book you mentioned…it sounds great!

  • It looks like your whole group had an awesome time, but how could you not when you are with your friends AND in Breckinridge?!

  • Bible studies are such a blessing! I was a Bible study leader this semester and I loved getting to know my girls.

  • Megan McIlvaine

    love this. that pic of you and bruce is totes presh. miss y'all.

  • love this! looks like a really fun weekend! what a blessing that God gives us community!

  • Community is a precious precious gift! I'm so glad you have it where you are at.

  • It looks like you all had a blast!!! What a blessing that you have such amazing community!

  • yes! it takes time and it is hard to find people who are also committed (it is not one sided) I'll be praying for you! Often times it comes out of being very intentional but then it just happens.

  • So true! and you should – it is a pretty quick read but filled with lots of nuggets of information!

  • I know right?! I do agree!

  • IT is so great. the community is so valuable!

  • thanks megggs

  • I so agree! I don't know what I would do without them!

  • community is so valuable. i cherish this group dearly!

  • girl! you know we did 🙂 it is such a blessing!

  • I'm glad you have such a great group of people to be in community with! It's so easy to take community for granted and forget how important it really is. It looks like you all had a great time! Care to send some snow my way? 🙂

  • they are a blessing!