lived in living room

every room in this little house of ours is “in progress” because i only have the time & money to do a couple things at a time AND things are constantly changing. i did a post on how much work my living room needed at the beginning of the year. oh dear. looking back, i don’t know how i lived with that for months! i still would love hardwood floors in this space, a beautiful rug, and new furniture but here is my living room as it is. in the middle of life. with free couches & chairs. and little bits of the Mayberrys. this is my lived in living room:

couches and chairs – donated
pillows – Ikea
DIY curtain rods
DIY art wall
DIY felt flower hanging vase
moon clock – Killer Rabbit
DIY striped wall 
Mayberry frame – chocolate blue
Be True & Come Thou Fount print – Lindsay Letters
“celebrate” banner – the parcel post company
DIY gold leafing
“autumn wreath” candle – yankee candle
DIY succulent terrarium
Aluminyzed metal wedding print – Adorama Pix

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Kristyn @ Milk + Crown

    I think you did a great job with it so far! It feels homey, cozy, and stylish 🙂 Love that you guys have so many boardgames and such haha, how fun!

  • i love this! can't wait for my first apartment to finally decorate it the way i want. love the cozy and lived-in feel.

  • Amanda

    Our game collections are very similar 🙂 So jealous of that fireplace!

  • Amy

    i love a LIVED IN room! 🙂
    and hey free = the best part.
    i'm learning that it takes a LOT of time to get the things/looks/feel that you want out of a room. time to save that money, figure out what it is you want it to reflect, and time to make it actually happen! 🙂

  • Agreed with all the comments about it being warm and cozy! I love your "Come Thou Fount" print too! Where did you get it?

  • love your living room! so cute! did someone make the "mayberry" frame for you? it's super adorable!

  • Katie Cook

    Seriously LOVE your space, and that you did it so affordably!!! You are awesome!

  • I love how cozy your living room is! It's inviting me to come in and have fun.

  • I love your living room!

  • Julie Hood

    i LOVE a lived-in room. what's the point of a super fahncy room where you feel like you can't be comfortable? we got our couches for free, too…yayyy newlyweds getting free stuff! 🙂

  • Kristyn! Thanks so much 🙂 we do have a lot of board games! we are super into that kind of thing! we have friends over for dinner and games all the time!

  • it is so fun! i love owning my own house because i can do whatever I want with it! it is such a fun adventure 🙂

  • girl. matching games matching hearts!!! i do love the brick and the real fireplace!

  • ps: I cannot find your blog link in your discuss profile! how can i stalk your blog?!? 😉

  • yeah! girl that is the way i role. and i will agree! i take free 🙂

  • thanks sweet Samantha!! It is from Linday Letters!! I just LOVE everything she does!!

  • Robyn! Thanks lady 🙂 my mentor from College made my frame and gave it to us for our wedding 🙂 i adore it! the link to her shop is in my post if you are interested!

  • thanks! i would love to have you over for coffee so that we could sit in it 🙂

  • Sarah! I would love to have you over even though it is obviously not kid proof! i move a couple things around when littles come over! 😉

  • Thanks Michelle! I enjoy it too!

  • Julie!! amen. 😉

    ps: your blog link is not in your discuss profile… just letting you know 🙂

  • i looked in your links hoping it would be in there & somehow skipped over it! i am heading to her shop now! 🙂

  • Amanda

    Oh shoot, I'll have to change that! It's 🙂

  • Katie Cook

    Would love to have coffee with you:)

    Just so you know, (and i'm not sure if this is normal with disqus) but I receive 2 emails from you with your comments every time. It's not big deal, just wanted to pass that along!

    love Katie

  • yeah. I am so glad. she doesn't update the blog all the time but she is always taking orders 🙂

  • I am loving that Come Thou Fount sign!! Beautiful!

  • Julie Hood

    thanks for letting me know! i'm finally getting around to fixing that, and i may even steal the disqus idea for my own blog 🙂

  • you totally should! I LOVE discuss!!

  • IT is from Lindsay Letters! I love them!