gold leafed terracotta pots

i have been loving gold these days and people keep pinning things on pinterest that are gold leafed and i feel in love with this pin. when i clicked through the links to find the DIY, i was sad to find it was just the photo on a blog without the DIY or even a source from where the picture came from (don’t do that people! it is rude and illegal and it makes people like me have to make up their own DIY) i figured gold leafing couldn’t be too hard so i used my %40 off one item coupon from Hobby Lobby for some gold leaf and i set out to create some beautiful egyptian ruins (according to my husband!). 
terracotta pots (in any size you so chose!)
gold leafing sheets (or metal leaf – there are many metal colors to chose from!)
paint brush
primer/ sealer 
1. prep the area you want gold with some primer/sealer. i first tried mod podge and it did not work well. it was too sticky so it pulled the gold leafing right back up when i was trying to paint it down. i found this martha stewart primer/ sealer in my craft closet and it worked perfectly! 
2. rip some gold leaf in the desired size and place on painted pot. slowly pull away the backing leaving the gold leafing.
3. gently pat down the leafing and paint over it to seal it. the gold leafing will pull in areas but that gives it the vintage look. or the ancient ruin look. 
4. be creative & have fun! if you are like me you will get addicted to the gold leafing and you will wander around your house for more things to make golden. like these picture frames i found in the office! and i am also looking for adorable tiny succulents to fill these pots. i am obsessed with succulents because even people like me cannot kill them. i love low maintenance!! 
have you gold leafed anything? 

Author: Oak & Oats