Picking out the Tree

LOCATION: Harding Nursery

OUTFIT DETAILS: Skinny Jeans || Wool Cardigan (similar) || Merry Shirt || Sperry Boots

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! For the last four Christmases we have picked out a tree to to put in our livingroom. I remember the first time we saw our house before we bought it, I knew exactly where our tree would go and it sits there beautifully every year. Our Christmas Tree is a huge part of Christmas. It is decorated with memories, seasons, & stories. The gifts underneath for friends and family whom I love so dearly. Stockings and advent nearby. All the holiday decorations revolve around the tree.

This year when we went to pick out our tree it was 70 degrees. SEVENTY! (unlike the snowy day in 2015) I refused to dress like summer but did not wear the cardigan the whole time (the sun was beating down on me and I was trying not to get heat stroke!) We went to yet another new Tree Farm this year which is always nerve wrecking for me! Last year we found a new one that was open on Sundays for my Christmas tree needs. But this one turned out to be magical! Santa was even there!

We found the perfect tree. A Colorado local with a beautiful trunk! I love when there is room to see the tree trunk of the tree so all the ornaments can really shine. Like I said, we have cool ornaments that need to be admired 😉 We also got a fresh wreath this year! I always love them but can’t always afford them. hahah. This year both the tree & the wreath were priced right AND we had a coupon making it all a great deal! We found our tree right away but looked around at ALL the others just to make sure. By the time we were at the end, I was convince we needed to run back to the first tree to claim it before someone else did! I get pretty attached so if it was taken, I totally may have cried. haha. But we got it and I’m currently looking at him right now. I love Christmas.

What about you? Real or fake tree? Matching ornaments or mismatched? Thanksgiving weekend or wait to December? I love hearing other traditions!!

Author: Oak & Oats

  • I haven’t had a real tree in a very long time! This year, our tree is incredibly mismatched, because we don’t have our ornaments here, and we have three different kinds of lights on the tree, haha! We just used what I happened to find in the attic. I think it’s my favourite though, and despite the fact that the limbs don’t fir quite right and my best friend and I beat them in with a hammer (oh, jeez…), I think we’ll use this tree till it falls apart (some more).

    • Hahah! I love that!!! I think mismatched trees are the best! All the character!

  • What a magical experience minus the 70 degree weather! I know how you feel. Growing up in Florida Christmas weather was usually pretty warm. It was hard to get into the spirit when you could just go to the beach!

    We have a fake tree only because my husband is highly allergic to the real ones. Plus I’m pretty sure my dog would eat all the pine that fell off it!

    • Oh no! How sad! Are you able to go on hikes or anything? Evergreens are everywhere here!

      • I have yet to go hiking but my husband wants to start now that we live in South Carolina. I’m hoping to make it over to the westside of the state for some good trails.

        • Yes! Have fun! Hopefully he can do it!! I’m in love with evergreen forests!

  • We went with a fake tree this year, but I love tree farms and the smell of pine! These photos are great Beth!

    • Thanks so much!! And yes! I love going to them! Fake trees are still cool!

  • Abi Tomberlin

    love the color! I can’t do it, but I love it when other people do it and look great while wearing color!

  • Looks like such a fun day! Sheesh, I need to get on the train of picking out a real tree. 🙂