How to Convert Instagram Followers into Blog Readers

How to Convert Instagram Followers into Blog Readers with Elizabeth Mayberry of Oak + OatsASK ELIZABETH

Question: How do I get people to “click the link in my bio” when I post on Instagram? (aka converting Instagram into blog readers)

This is a great question. When social media started, it was a way for people to follow brands and websites without having to type in the URL every-time. As social media grew and exploded, people began following social media just for inspiration not necessarily to know when every new post is live. But how to we get those eyes over to our other content? Today I am sharing with you 5 things to do to convert Instagram followers into blog readers.


When people click from your Instagram to your blog, they shouldn’t be confused. You want your brand and your style to be unified not only on your blog but through all your social medias. This goes beyond just having your logo everywhere. This entails the photos you post, the way you communicate, the things you talk about, and the over all feel. If I follow someone on Instagram to posts stunning photos of nature but when I click to the blog it is all food posts, that would be unexpected. The same if an Instagram had beautifully curated images but the blog had phone photos in poor lighting conditions. You need to be consistent in what you offer and who you serve across the board.

Action Tip: Open up all your social media accounts on your commuter in separate tabs. Look at each one and ask “Who does this serve? What does this say? What themes/ colors stand out?” DO it for each one. Are they similar? Are you coming up with the same answer? Or is one (or two) telling different stories?


I think sometimes we feel like our Instagram and our blogs need to be separate. We need different content for both platforms. While in a way this can be true, it shouldn’t be exclusive. Every new blog post should have an image shared on Instagram. In that post, you can tell people about what is on the blog. If they are interested, they will hop over to read the rest of the article. These images do not always have to come from the blog post itself but should feel connected to the story. Maybe you share a quote on Instagram that you expound more on in the blog post. Or maybe you share one of the outfit photos from the outfit post. If you don’t draw the connection, people wont do it for you.

Action Tip: When creating and scheduling your blog content, pick an image to go along with the post on Instagram. When I do blog photo shoots I also try to make sure to get a couple shots that would be great to share on Instagram.


You NEED to be using the link in your bio and your bio to help people know how to connect with you. I use Link Tree to make a link in my bio filled with lots of other links. You can do this to get readers to go right where you want them! By having your blog and recent posts in your link, people can easily read more.

Action Tip: Read this post. Make a Like Tree & update your bio.


In today’s internet world, you NEED to be mobile friendly. People who click from your Instagram will read your post or see your site on their phones. Majority of your followers will not go to their computer and type your URL in. If it is hard to read or doesn’t work correctly, they will leave. Not only do you want them to stay and read the article, you want to get them to sign up for a newsletter or read another article. You want them to stay longer.

Action Tip: Check to see if your website is mobile friendly. Work with a developer to fix that if you are not mobile friendly.


Stories is a new fun feature that Instagram has rolled out within the last year. While it may be intimidating to show your face or talk “live” into your phone, this is a great way to further connect with your readers! Currently if you have over 10K followers you can add links into your story to take followers straight to the post. For the rest of us under that number, we can still encourage our readers to head to our bio in our stories. I love to share behind the scenes of posts that just went live, sneak peek photos, and also just stories from my day! The more connected your followers feel with you, the more they want to connect with you in other places.

Action Tip: Share a story the next time you blog. Talk about a behind the scenes moment from the post. Share a quote or some photos. Remember to tell your followers they can read the post by clicking the link in the bio!


You need to GIVE your audience a reason to click though. Sometimes a new post can be enough to peak someones interest but think bigger. Offer deals, giveaways, or extra content for people who sign up for your newsletter. The reality is that not everyone of your Instagram followers will click through your blog but more of your newsletter subscribers will click through. You need to offer an incentive to get people to not only follow you on Instagram but in other ways. Now you will have a better chance of them seeing your content and reading your blog!

Action Tip: Create an incentive to get people to sign up for your newsletter and link that in your Instagram bio! I use Leadpages to make my incentive, connect it to Convertkit my mail service, and link it in my Link Tree!

I hope this has encouraged you to convert those Instagram followers to blog photographers! You’ve got this!


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  • Emily Harvey

    This is such a great topic! Been working on this for a long time! Thank you for the tips.

  • Abi

    I’ve always thought this was a hard one especially when I look at what people respond too and what they don’t! Sometime it’s not the same topic as what I’m blogging about… It’s hard to keep a balance between authenticity and ‘promotion for the blog’ too! I think sometime the images that we pick to share can go a long way, even if we’re trying translate followers. And what you write about your picture too!!

  • These are great tips! I’ve been working on my instagram so ideas like this are great to help me move along even better!

  • Thanks Elizabeth for these tips! I want to work on my stories some more and now I’m trying to build more consistency in my Instagram, so I think that helps too!