Morning Musings

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Thank you illy for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

It’s been awhile since I just sat down to write. Each blog post comes with weeks of planning, photos, and a date set in my content calendar. I plan, curate, and pick what posts appear on Oak + Oats in what order. It is my job so I have to be organized for sanity sake, but there is something about the mostly random “loving lately” posts. Today is just that.

It’s Wednesday morning and I feel like I am still recovering from our eclipse weekend – it was an experience for the books. We drove up into Wyoming praying we would find a place to set up out tent – anywhere really in the line of totality! We had no service, no showers, no plans, and it was magical. I mean, the layers of dirt, sunscreen, and bug spray piled up and I was wishing for a shower but besides that it was magical! Seeing the eclipse in totality was totally worth it. Don’t worry, a blog post with all those photos will be coming soon! haha.

Today I’m loving…

  • The Eclipse. Are you surprised? I cannot help keep reading all the articles. I really think we are going to be eclipse chasers now. 2024 better get ready for the Mayberrys. We are also updating our astrophotography gear because we are obsessed with star photos.
  • illy coffee. I took some dreamy morning coffee photos with my illy iced coffee because it is so darn good. Are you an illy lover?! I first had it in a fancy hotel and fell in love with the rich, smooth taste! Visit illy and use code COFFEE17 to enjoy special 20% savings on your online order!
  • Honeybook. I just sent a wholesale invoice (YAY), a photography contract & invoice, and organized some brochures. Honeybook makes my life SO much easier. It houses all contracts and takes care of all invoicing – plus I can send questionnaires, make brochures, and do all the things. It saves me SO much time and makes me look professional. I’m super into it. You can try it FOR FREE for two weeks to see if you like it and if you do, you can save 50% (WHAT?!) when you use this link! That’s a screaming deal and it is worth every penny. I promise. (I paid more and it was still worth it!!)
  • I wore this dress for our 5 year anniversary photos and it was magical!
  • Jack is our newest planter and I love him. You should add him to your collection asap πŸ˜‰ … but really.
  • Also this coffee mug will give you all the good vibes!
  • I’m sad we drank all our Perrier on our camping trip because it is sooooo tasty.
  • Lastpass – my password lifesaver. I only have to remember one password these days AND the rest of mine are super complicated and secure. With a million sites with passwords, this is my lifesaver. It also has a phone app that makes logging into things on my phone seamless! If you are interested, you can get a free month when you use this link!
  • These bras are the best! Like literally. The best.
  • Elah Tree has the best stock photos EVER. If you need any, check her site!
  • These hangers need to be in every room in my house.
  • We reached 200 sales on etsy so we are hosting a GIVEAWAY! It is super easy to enter! Just fill out THIS FORM.

Morning musings with coffee in hand. What are the little or big things going on in your life that you are loving these days? Happy Wednesday!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Love these kinds of posts, they’re so refreshing.

  • Oo I can’t wait to try that coffee!

  • The eclipse was so amazing, from the pics I saw on social media – made me a bit jelly I didn’t know in time to have my own pair of sunglasses, lol.

  • These photos are so cozy! Love them. And those wall hangers you linked are so cool!

  • I love those in-the-moment posts! Congrats on getting to 200+ sales!!!! I love all the other products you’ve added to your shop, too, besides those adorable planters–we’ve been trying to add new stuff to ours, too! πŸ™‚

  • The eclipse pictures you shared were so cool! I’m with you there on being an eclipse chaser!

  • Abi

    your iced coffee looks delicious!!

    And I love these posts – I’m a big link lover! Checking out the bras, Elah Tree photos and those hangers!

  • Amy

    ok, the iced coffee is making me salivate! I LOVE illy! <3
    I can't believe that dress was from amazon = HOLLA!
    I am so happy you took a few moments to pause and just tell us what you're loving lately!
    PS 200 sales!! <3 <3 AHHH YES LADY!

    • I love illy tooo! and yes girl! My little sister buys things all the time on amazon so I am trying to see how it goes. haha

      Also thanks!!!

  • I can’t wait to see your photos of the eclipse!

  • How fun that you got to see the eclipse in totality! We were at about 97% where we live and it was so cool!

    • Yeah! In Colorado it was that too but we wanted to drive into totality! It was SO worth it! It makes such a HUGE difference!