Try Something New in 2017: Pure Barre

There is always room for fresh starts in the new year. The new year paves the way for a natural place to start new habits and leave others behind. The reset of the year is inspiring and encouraging. It also piggy backs off of one of the busiest seasons of the year. November & December pile up faster than any other month and we crave a break. We crave a change of pace when January comes around. This year I tried something big. I went to my first ever Pure Barre class.

I should start by saying I don’t work out. I like to eat pretty healthy, hike all around Colorado, and take frequent walks around my neighborhood. I have no self motivation to work out at a gym alone and workout classes always intimidate me. I told Bruce one time that I was allergic to working out because every time I go (read the last two times before this trip to Pure Barr) I either passed out or threw up (sorry – that’s gross!) When I had the opportunity to try out Pure Barre I was nervous yet excited. So I jumped in, brought my sister along, and took the leap. The new year was the perfect time to try something new and shake off some of the fears I have of workouts past 😉 Here are some tips for trying new things:


It is easy to blindly walk into things. I know I have done that before and it ended up being not the best idea. One workout class I went to I planned for after a long day of work. I didn’t have lunch because I forgot to bring it, so the only thing I had eaten that day was some snacks I found around the office. This is the class I passed out in – not so great. Research the type of class you are taking, what you need for it, and pick a time of day that works best. If you are doing a Pure Barre class ( which you totally should) make sure you have eaten that day but not riiight before class. Bring water, wear leggings/ capris (not shorts), and wear socks. Being prepared helps you have the best first experience.


This is one of my favorite tips for trying new things. Always bring a friend. We are 1000% more confident when we are with a friend (I don’t know if that is the exact percentage but I am sure there are stats out there like this! 😉 ) Trying something new with a friend gives you that extra boost! I brought my sister along and it was fun to share the experience, glace looks when it was SO HARD, and compare how sore we were days after.


Just do it! After you have lined up a friend & figured out what you need to be prepared for it – just do it! It is sometimes hard to still take that last step. We let fear get in the way. We wonder if we can workout for 50 minutes straight. We wonder if we will look silly or if people will judge us. We let all the what ifs get in the way and sometimes we can let it just stop us there. But I can tell you first hand that the ladies at the Colorado Springs Pure Barre are some of the most welcoming and encouraging people ever. I had no idea what in the world I was doing but no one judged me – they were there to help correct me, encourage me, and just work out together!

Trying new things is so worth it. So research, bring a friend, and take a leap! Are you local to Colorado Springs? You should consider joining us in a class at Pure Barre! Website || Instagram || Facebook


Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • I want to try Pure Barre.

    • Oak & Oats

      You should!! It was a blast!!

  • I’d love to try this but it seems so intimidating! Though I also felt that way about my first yoga class, and that went really well.

    • Oak & Oats

      Oh girl! You totally should! So worth it!

  • Love this! I’ve never taken a pure barre class before, but have done barre. I did for almost a year and loved it so much. I remember the first time I didn’t, I felt like dying and got super dizzy. People don’t expect it, but you quite the workout! I definitely need to get back into it and do some barre work at home!

    • Oak & Oats

      Yes! It is a pretty hard work out but also pretty fun!

  • I really want to try one of these classes at some point. I feel like it would be the perfect inbetween for me as someone that used to take dance classes multiple times a week but who now wants to focus more on strengthening my body.