Top Camera Bags

Top Camera Bags - 10 camera bags to look into if you are looking for camera bags!

Having a quality camera bag for your gear is key. Your camera and lenses are important and expensive gear that you want to protect whenever you leave your house with it. I was not super on board with the idea of a camera bag when I first got my camera. It seemed like an unneeded expense and I guess I just like throwing everything into tote bags (it is a problem.) My wise husband wouldn’t let me leave the house with my camera without a camera bag so I quickly saved up my money to get a bag. The ONA Capri was my first bag and then I got the Jo Totes Bellbrook to have a backpack. I use them both ALL THE TIME! The Capri is perfect for anything that I wan’t to just look like I am carrying around a large purse and the Bellbrook is a necessity for all traveling (I need a backpack for my shoulders!) They also both fit laptops and extra goodies (YAY!) If you are looking for some camera bags, I have rounded up some great ones – backpack and purse style!



Who is using this bag?

My husband and I both share my camera bag at times. Sometimes it is just me around town but other times it is Bruce and I on trips. I used to only have the ONA Capri but then Bruce had to carry around a purse sometimes… he did it but he didn’t love it!

Where will you use it?

I have three camera bags. A purse for around town and coffee dates, a backpack for travel, walking around for a long time (helps balance the weight!) or light hiking, and one for camping/ heavy hiking. Think of where you take your camera bag and where you want to take your bag! This factors into the style you chose!

Does this scream camera bag?

Unless you want your bag to say “hello I am filled with thousands of dollars of gear!” I would stay away from bags that look like camera bags. This includes the ones that say “Nikon” and “Canon” on them. Yes, it is great to love your camera brand but don’t let everyone know you love carrying around expensive gear.

Does this fit my style?

You will be carting around your camera bag all the time (especially as a life style blogger! haha) so think about how the bag fits with YOU! Does it go with your outfits? Does it match a lot of the colors in your closest? You don’t have to match perfectly all the time – but treat it like you would picking your new everyday purse!

Author: Oak & Oats

  • I need to get a camera bag.

    • Oak & Oats

      Yes! They are such a great investment!

  • Thanks for this post, I’m on the search for a bag especially since we’re moving to Europe soon and will be doing a lot of traveling.

    • Oak & Oats

      Oh perfect! Yes! You need a good bag for traveling with your gear! (and having room for other things too!! haha)

  • Oh my gracious! I love camera bags, haha! There are so many great choices!

    • Oak & Oats

      I know right! ALL OF THEM PLEASE!

  • These are some amazing options! I like that several of them are bags that both Michael and I would enjoy carrying.

  • Love the tips you offered, I haven’t taken many of them into consideration before. So helpful!