Taking More Pictures

When I was a kid I always loved cameras. I would save up my money to buy a disposable camera (the cool ones with the flash!) and take them to Walmart to be developed. I have boxes and boxes (I know this because I am trying to move them around for the basement remodel) of photos in my basement from those days. I took photos of the people in my life and the places I went – but mostly the people!
I’ve always been a people person and I have always valued photos of people. Even on vacations, studying abroad, and any adventure you can here me say ” Come get in this photo with _____ in the background!” A picture is always made better by a personality thrown in. 
When I started blogging and got my first DSLR, my photography style started changing. I took more photos without people – like for recipe posts, DIY projects, and product reviews. But I still like sneaking the personal shot in – maybe the hand, or the people in the kitchen. I can’t help it. 
My Instagram is a healthy mix of the people in my life and the things I love – but mostly the people (are you catching a theme yet?) I had someone comment on how my feed wasn’t a great one because I had “too many people in it.” After it hurt my feelings and I spent too much time dwelling/ stressing on the photos to post on Instagram, I realized that I can’t cut the people out of my life. They are the most important part of my life and my blog! I have a people feed and I embrace that – and unfortunately I will lose followers over it but even more so, I know I will find more people who love people through it as well. 
I’m learning that we all have different styles and not everyone is going to love me (this one is hard for this people pleaser) but when I am myself and I photograph in my style the Lord can use me how He wants and I can be an encouragement and inspiration to others (even when it is not everyone – it is the right ones!) 
I’m going back to the people pictures. Back to the candid and posed of the every day. I want to document life – take photos of children that grow so fast and pictures of my community, my friends and the times we share. I also want to help my friends realize just how darn beautiful they are and how their laughter, cuddles, and conversations are beautiful! There really is beauty in the everyday and beauty in those around us. 
What is your take on photos? With or without people? How about bloggers and instagramers? Do you love capturing the everyday moments? How do you feel about getting your picture taken?

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Pictures of people are the best! I love people, too, so taking pictures of friends and of everyday moments is what's worth it the most! My biggest struggle is spending too much time behind the camera trying to get that perfect shot, when I should be spending time with the people around me (as my camera-avoiding husband likes to remind me πŸ˜‰

  • I totally feel you on this. I have been struggling with my IG feed lately because it hurts to lose a few followers every time I post a photo of people! But you know what? I love taking pictures of people. I love looking at pictures of people I love. In ten years, the pictures I'm going to want to be able to look back on aren't the ones of my coffee cup and pristine white desk, it'll be the ones of my fiancΓ© and I during this season of our lives, of my family on a summer outing, of the random coffee date I had with a friend. And if people stop following me because of it, that's ok!

  • Pictures are great because they're like freezing a moment in time. I love how your pictures are sweet family photos, yet they're artistic, too!

  • I love that you include so many photos of people! Your feed is one of my favorites. God created you to be you and to love what you love, and you should let those things shine. πŸ™‚

  • I need to get better at actually remembering to bring my cameras places~

  • Taking great candid photos like the ones you posted is such a talent! It's something that I want to get better at!

  • seeing pictures of people in your life tell their own unique story. it's one of the things i love about your instagram feed πŸ™‚

  • Thanks so much Robyn! I agree! I want to be better at telling MY story, our story!

  • Thanks! I think people photography is really something I want to grow in as well!

  • Yes! Too true. I don't have the patience to photograph for long – so I have that going for me!

  • YES! I am also learning that the best you can be is you. and that is what I need to be in my feed πŸ™‚

  • Thanks!

  • You are one of my biggest encourages!

  • Yes! i got a cute camera bag so that helps!

  • I love that you include people in your feed. It shows your human (and awesome of course too)!

  • Lindsey Smallwood

    Love this! Keep on with your people, you're right on – that's what really matters (plus it's so fun to follow along!)

  • These are so great! So beautiful! I love that you captured so many moments!

  • Thanks Sam! I love people pictures so I am going to work more on those!

  • Girl – you are so encouraging!!! THANKS!

  • Everyone has been so encouraging with this post! Thanks πŸ™‚

  • I love people pictures, too! Except I always feel awkward whipping out my camera and taking pictures of people as they're just hanging out/conversing, etc. Do you have any tips on feeling less awkward, or do your friends and family just expect it at this point?