Reading Corner & Printcopia Canvases

Bruce and I have been working on our office (we have been for months now.) We do one room at a time in the Mayberry family. Mostly out of affordability and secondly out of saneness. I cannot have every room in my home in transition. The office was one of the last places that we really started to intentionally work on. 
Both Bruce and I have desks in this little room, but we also have a sweet TV that was gifted to us and we set up our WiiU up here for some good times with Disney Infinity. We had an open corner and both wanted something cute & comfortable for reading but also easily moved for gaming. We found the chair and footstool on sale at Target and it was perfect for our desires. 
To elongate the feel, I added three canvases – one from Naptime Diaries and the other two photos from our wedding in 2012. I got them printed at Printcopia and I could not be more pleased with how they turned out! BEST NEWS! As an Oak + Oats reader, Printcopia is offering you a great deal! From now until November 1st, you can get a 16×20 for $27 + 30% off Canvas + Free Shipping! That is such a deal for a quality canvas!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • I definitely want to get some pictures printed on canvas someday, especially after I get married! Pictures are so important to me. If you saw my desk, it is covered with pictures of my family and boyfriend. I love how your canvas' look, they really complete your little reading nook.

  • This is gorgeous, I love how you've redecorated!

  • What a cute little corner!!! I always create at least one reading nook in every main room. πŸ™‚

    Those canvases are perfect!

  • I love canvas. My husband surpised me with one of our wedding photos on canvas for our 1st anniversary, and it's one of my favorite things. We also have one of our engagements on canvas too. They just look so nice any where in the home!

  • Cute corner!!!!

  • I have a canvas from our wedding that I love!! I'm secretly planning some Christmas gifts that may or may not involve canvases this year. πŸ™‚

  • That is wonderful! Have you ever tried Printcopia for them? I love the quality!

  • Thanks! I love them and they also make for great gifts!

  • One little thing at a time πŸ˜‰

  • You totally should! There are also so many things you can get even before wedding pictures!

  • I haven't! Just Costco which I was pretty impressed with too. Have you had any luck/heard anything about making a print into a canvas? I am trying to make one as a gift but I'm so nervous with how it might turn out in real life quality-wise.

  • I think if it is a high enough resolution! It should tell you when you upload it if it is high enough quality! I know that Printcopia does that..

    I totally think you should try it!