DIY: Bachelorette Party Tutus

My little sister got married last week (wahoo! One week of marriage down. You go Mr. & Mrs. Dye!) and as the Matron of Honor, part of my responsibilities were to plan the Bachelorette Party. Every bride deserves a little parading around town, so my littlest sister, best friend of the bride, and I thought tutus would be a great fit. Since I was in Colorado and the other two were already in Arkansas, they started working on making Becca’s giant tutu. Then the thought of all of us also in tutus became the best idea. 
We made them all by hand and although they took some time to make, they were so wonderfully fun, noticeable, and fancy. Let’s be honest, we all felt like Taylor Swift when she dances with the ballerinas! 
The tutus were so easy to make! Next time you have a Halloween need, Bachelorette Party to plan, or general desire for a tutu, follow these easy steps to create your very own. 
– Ribbon
– Tulle (lots of tulle)
1. Decide how thick you want your tutu to be. We made the Bride’s tutu much thinker (and there for more poofy) by adding more tulle pieces and sliding them closer together. The other girls attending the party had tutus that were more spaced out. 
2. Start cutting. Take the tulle from one arm to the other stretched out (this is between 5 -6 ft ish) and cut there. Use that to be your cutting template for all the tulle. Because you are tying these together, you want them to be similar in size or the skirts will be uneven. 
3. Measure your waist with the ribbon and add some extra ribbon for tying a bow in the back. If you are making them for other people, take into account different sizing. You can always tie smaller but you cannot add more at the party. I suggest making them big enough to fit everyone. 
4. Hold the tulle in your hand and fold it in half making sure the ends match up. 
5. Bend the loop over the ribbon and pull the rest of the tulle through the hole (see photos below for clarification)
6. Tighten and space according to your desires. 

7. Dance, twirl, enjoy, and be fancy in your DIY Party Tutus! 

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • so cute, I made one for my daughter that was similar and she LOVED it!

  • This is seriously the best thing ever! I would love to do this at a bachelorette party. Pinning it!

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  • This is SUCH a cute idea for a bachellorette party!

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  • Jennifer Garcia

    This is such a great idea! I actually got engaged 4 days ago and thought how awesome to come across this post!!! =) i will definitely have to keep this is mind when the time comes for my bachelorette party! Thanks for sharing!

  • Amy

    so. CUTE!

  • Those are, for reals, so cute! I love how big they are!

  • How fun!!!! Your sister looks so much like you!!! πŸ™‚

  • These are absolutely adorable! I love how happy your sister looks–she is radiant!

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  • Right!!! WE were all wearing them all over town!

  • Totally! Pin it to your wedding board as a hint for your bridesmaids!

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  • Halloween!

  • Thanks! It was so fun!

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  • You TOTALLY should!

  • Yes! I will totally be recreating these for my kids / my nieces!

  • Your sister is too cute and it looks like she loved her tutu! πŸ™‚

  • HAHA I know it! She really is glowing!

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  • Ummm…fun! Now do you do a bachelorette party on TOP of a bridal shower?? My sister had a bit of a shotgun wedding so I had pretty much no time to put together her bridal shower from across the country. I wish I could have made it a little more fun like this!

  • Yeah – she is lucky! HAHA we did a shower when she was visiting home over the summer and then we did a bachelorette party with all the bridesmaids and friends the week of the wedding!