StitchFix | A Shopping Dream Come True

Over the past weekend I opened up my most recent Stitch Fix. I just sat here for a couple minutes trying to remember which box number I am on 4th? 5th? – Yikes! I couldn’t remember so I went with “most recent!” That is the beauty of the written language! You forget how to say or spell something and you can easily just rework the sentence to convey the same/ similar point! Back to the point I was making with my most recent box, it was so wonderful!

I feel as I have continued with Stitch Fix, they understand me a bit more each time. I am not just talking about my style – I am talking about me! Because when I first filled out my Stitch Fix profile I am not sure that I was even correct about my own style! The past year I have made a lot of changes with my style and my wardrobe. I started looking at quality over quantity when I was overwhelmed by the amount of clothing I owned yet consistently feeling like I had nothing to wear, I purged my closet of everything I didn’t wear or didn’t LOVE (I also purged my heart while I was at it!), and I started building a capsule wardrobe filled with work clothes and play clothes.

Stitch Fix and this new view on my closet really go hand-in-hand. 
1.  I only keep items that I LOVE
2.  I am okay about not paying Target/ Old Navy prices because I am buying less and investing in higher quality items (that I love and could wear everyday)
3. I leave detailed comments and have a pinterest board for my Stitch Fix stylist to see what I like and help me fill in the holes of my Capsule Wardrobe

This box I asked for cute and versatile work clothes (pretty, pretty please!) I have the hardest time finding and buying this stuff on my own! I always end up with a new v-neck and a new pair of shorts (not work wear!!) And my stylist Nicole did such a great job!

– Mixed Print Cotton Mini Skirt – Kept! It looks so much better in person! I cannot wait to do an outfit post with this pretty!

– Button Up Sleeveless Blouse – KEPT! I wore it the day I opened my box, I loved it so much. I would have never  picked it up on my own but this is perfect for work and I’ll wear it at least once a week!

-Colored Skinny Jean – Kept! I have been looking for some colored skinnies because I can wear them to work. This color is so great and they fit so nicely!

– Sweetheart Dress – Sent back. It was so lovely but just too big (You can kind of see in that picture.) If it was one size down it might have worked better but it was just too loose ;(

– Patterned Tank – Sent Back. I loved this one so much too but there were two big things that would have made it less worn in my closet – spaghetti straps (I hate weird bras) and the sides were open so you could see my skin. That was weird for me – I would have had to always wear a tank underneath.

For full disclosure, I payed $115 for the three items that I kept! That includes $55 of credit from referrals (read more about how those work here) and my $20 styling fee that comes out of what you purchase.  I think that is a great price for two bottoms and a top all work appropriate (remember my quality not quantity mantra). If this is too pricey for your budget or lifestyle right now, I am not making you pay this much for clothes! It is just something that has helped me & my style in HUGE ways. ThredUp is another GREAT store where you can send in your own clothes and purchase used like new clothing! It is like a giant online organized thrift store! 



Author: Oak & Oats

  • i love the ones you kept! i want that sleeveless blouse!
    you are so good at taking your stitch fix pictures. i didnt' take any of my latest box. oops. 😉

  • i love everything you got! such a shame that the dress was too big…it was so cute! i'm debating trying SF again this fall….my first box this spring was a total fail…not at all what i was hoping for, but i know it gets more accurate the more times you try, so i'm debating!

  • Are the clothes good quality? Sometimes I'll pay more and then be disappointed with the quality I'm getting.

  • My 2nd box comes next week! I love that navy shirt – and I love how all your items went so well together!

  • The coloured jeans are my favourite! They're so cute. This seems like a great way to get items you might not pick out otherwise. I'm so predictable when it comes to shopping, I gravitate to the same patterns and styles so this seems like a way to get out of a fashion rut!

  • Oh girl! i am sorry you were burned! I really think you should try again! They have done a lot of work on the website and are a lot better about understanding you. I would redo your style profile and add in comments as much as you can. Make a pinterest board of style you like for you (not for everyone else) and link it to your profile. Then I would say in your comment ox store you are drawn too and what things you are looking for in your box!

  • That was important! I told them my stuff need to be versatile and match other items in my closet well!

  • Natalie-Open Door Traders

    Loving the new threads! Ok, so this ThredUp is legit, especially for our little lady who grows out of her cloths so quickly! YAY

  • Jana,
    They sure are! I wouldn't pay big prices for cheap clothing! I am pretty picky. I have found that then $10 shirts I tend to buy are very cheaply made but these are much high quality and last! I am all about quality! HAAH

  • I know! I love it. I have worn it like a million times already! YOu are so funny! Set up a tri pod. Or a tower of books 😉

  • I know! me too. I was so sad! Thanks sweet Amy!

  • Oh yes! All my friends with littles use Thredup because of how quick they grow out of things! And you can send in all the old stuff in for cash!!

  • My favorites are the navy top and that skirt!!! It is something I would probably have never picked up if I was out shopping but wished I would have when I got home. 🙂

  • I have been trying to figure out the same thing, Sarah!!! It sounds like the perfect program…but I'm still on the fence too. 🙂

  • I haven't decided on this yet–I want to SO badly, but the last thing I need is to be spending money on clothes every month. I just think it's the neatest idea though. I may just have to take the leap and do it sooner rather than later 🙂

  • Yes! I know it is a tad confusing 🙂 So you fill out all the information and sign up for your first box. You pay $20 then to pay the stylist. When you get your box, they send you five items. They each come with a price tag. You then pick what you want to buy online (you pick yes or no and leave feedback). If you pick ANYTHING they minus the $20 you already paid from that total. When you create a profile (you do't even have to sign up for your first box yet) you get a referral code to share. Anyone who signs up for stitch fix with your code gives you $25! I wrote more in detail here about questions I am commonly asked and list ideas of how to share your referral code!! @Victoria you might find all this helpful too!!! Let me know if you have more questions!

  • I replied to Sarah's comment! I hope that it helps. I was on the fence forever and I finally thought I should try it! One box wouldn't be that much of a wast if it was terrible (because I didn't have to buy anything!) So I just went for it and loved it! This post is also helpful on answering question you may have:

  • Rach! I totally get that. I don't get one every month! It is not a monthly subscription, it is just when ever you want a box! I do every other month but I have friends who do twice a year around holidays or get a box right before an event where they need a new dress and tell them that need!

  • Oh, that's genius! I didn't realize it wasn't monthly. I guess I haven't done enough research 🙂 I LOVE the idea of before holidays or events. Why didn't I come up with this idea?!

  • haha! Yeah. You can even sign up months in advance if you want. Like get one the week of you birthday or Christmas somethings.

  • I think I'm the only person who hasn't tried Stitch Fix yet 🙂

  • I know! I would have never picked them off the rack but I love them! That navy top is my new favorite and I wear it all the time!! HAHA

  • HAHA you are not the only one 🙂 But I do recommend that you at least try one box! You might be pleasantly surprised!

  • You got so much good stuff! I am loving those colored capris and sleeveless tank–so flattering on you!

  • You look so cute! I love all your new work threads! That mini skirt is so so cute!

  • It is my favorite skirt ever. Also i keep laughing that I am wearing a "mini" skirt!!

  • Thanks so much 🙂 Stitch Fix has such a great way of picking out super flattering clothing!

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  • Always love the Stitch Fix recaps! I love each of the items you kept! And that dress looks like it was so close to working!

  • I know. It was like evenly loose all over so I just couldn't make it work!

  • Valerie Jameson

    What a great selection of items from Stitch Fix!! I was wondering if you could also publish a review on Vain Pursuits? I'd love to hear what you have to say about them!