DIY Flower Pot

I love succulents and cute little flowers. I just cannot help myself when we are in any kind of garden center. I am pretty sure that once we move out of our wonderful town house, I will go crazy with the gardens. Right now we are taking baby steps, one easy-to-maintain-plant at a time – it is good for us.

I also think that the type of pot you put your plant in is half the beauty – which is why I need to go home and immediately find something to replace the squishy plastic pots they come in from the store. I found this beautiful vintage camping mug at the ARC (our favorite thrift store) for 50 cents. I figured it should come home with me and hold a pretty plant.

I wish I could just plant flowers in all kinds of jars, nooks, and crannies but you need to make for adequate drainage or else you are going to have rotten roots (YUCK!) Sometimes throwing some lava rocks at the bottom of a bowl is enough to keep the plant healthy but when you have such a little space you need a hole on the bottom.

Do you have a mug or jar that you want to plant in? Here is my easy, peasy, DIY Flower Pot tutorial!

– Item of choice to be the new pot
– Drill with special drill bit for the occasion (the normal ones do metal just fine but if you want to do glass or ceramic make sure you get one for that specific material)
– Flower/ plant of choice

1. Drill the bottom of the desired pot
2. Replant!

What is something that you have turned into a Flower Pot?

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • I love using teacups as flower pots. Succulents are my favorite because they are so hard to kill, but also so cute. I used a ton of them at my wedding because they were much hardier (and we could grow them ourselves) than other plants/flowers.

  • What a great idea. Much easier than painting a flower pot to get a beautiful flower pot.

  • What a cute idea! I have mine in a quiche dish right now and it needs something bigger, so I might try a giant, shallow mug that I have! 🙂

  • So cute, Bethy! Look at you and all your baby plants..

  • Larissa Carrick

    yay! thank you for sharing. my house is in some serious need of plants

  • yes!! I just love them 🙂

  • I so agree! Or paying like 20 bucks for a cute one!

  • Yes! I mentioned that above briefly because I have a giant glass bowl that I put lava rocks at the bottom to drain the water that I have four succulents in!! I love it!

  • Cuteness. Also gives me the needed reminder to drill some holes in some I have already planted that aren't doing so well…
    Glad to find you through the link up!

  • oh! Good idea!

  • they are so darn cute

  • Next weekend you should pick some up at your local garden center!

  • good idea! I love doing that too. I have used lava rocks (that I stole from my front yard) in a couple other bowls 🙂

  • yeah! those rotten roots … they don't like sitting in water. Good luck bringing them back to life!

  • I'm sorry! I missed that! Fail.

  • way too cute! Love it

  • Mar

    What a great mug, and great idea! May just have to try this.

  • I love the idea of using camping mugs! That is awesome! I'll have to look for some the next time we are thrifting!

  • Aww yay! This was my very first blog post ever! I love succulents in mugs and teacups! Such an adorable way to display them! 🙂

  • So so so cute! I just love this idea 🙂

  • so in love with succulents 🙂 i have a few planted in old tea tins on my windowsill

  • LOVE this Elizabeth!!! I have been doing a TON of succulent projects lately, arn't they amazing?!!

  • Succulents are my favorite… Mostly because they're so hard to kill and so not requiring a whole bunch of shade/sun care. Can you tell I kill things?

    I made a toilet into a flowerpot in our backyard. And I'm obsessed with the hilarious responses people have when they lay eyes on it. 🙂

  • You totally should! So easy!

  • The drilling of that little hole is key! I can't tell you how many times I've drown plants and caused them to die by using pots that don't have holes for the water to drain.

  • Amy

    aw man I love using random objects to house plants (I have succulents in a teapot )

  • thanks!! I love them too

  • me too! they just look so much cuter!

  • Oh! I know it. Thank goodness for lessons learned!