Hello Brother

MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED! Just in case you missed this post on me starting to plan a Bridal Shower & this one on a DIY Wedding Binder, My little sister is getting married and I am so excited! As the big sister and Matron of Honor I have all kinds of responsibilities for the wedding and I pretty much love that! Planning someone else’s wedding is so fun and totally different than planning your own!

BUT one of the most exciting things about this whole process is gaining a new little brother. This is my sister who I fought with, played with, dreamed with, laughed with, and lived everything with and now she is all grown up and getting married. We get a new friend, a new family member! What a beautiful thing about weddings! (So, hello brother!)

I wanted to share with you their engagement story via pictures! Long story short, their first date was on this roof and then they got engaged there! They are so adorable and have great friends who were willing to be there to photograph that moment – what a special memory they get to carry with them into their marriage!

When brides ask me about weddings I always tell them how important a great wedding photographer is and they should make sure to get one! Photography is one the most memorable things about your wedding and a great photographer can make anything look good. You may have a small budget (I did and she does) but DO NOT miss out on a good photographer. I really think you can spend a good chunk of your budget on a photographer you love! But photography does not always need to be expensive! Just like in the design world, there are photographers that are just building their wedding portfolio and would love to give you a great deal! That is my PSA for the day – book a photographer that you love for your wedding day! These kids are going with the person who was their when they got engaged – Johnathan Edward Photography and if you are located in the Northwest Arkansas neighborhood you should look them up!!

All photos by Johnathan Edward Photography 

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Such a sweet setup! Did she know what was going on or was it a surprise?

  • Lovely! So romantic!

  • such a sweet idea! i think he nailed it πŸ™‚

  • she had no idea!! It was only when some guy asked if they wanted to ride in his lift that she realized! Their favorite restaurant is downstairs so she just thought they were going there!

  • This is so sweet, love the lantern idea!

  • These pictures are so, so sweet!
    As a wedding planner I am always reminding my brides about the importance of hiring a good photographer. They will have their memories and maybe some decor pieces (and their marriage!) to take with them after the big day is over, but having good photos that truly capture the memorable moments is so meaningful and a good photographer can take you back to your wedding day in ways that your own memories and a few decor pieces cannot. But, I also understand how scary it can be so spend such a huge chunk of your budget on one thing.

  • How sweet! Congrats to them!

  • yes!

    (and you can comment!!!)

  • I so agree Stacia! What a fun job πŸ™‚

  • I know! No big deal but Tangled was also playing I can see the Light!!

  • Oh! For sure!

  • I know! so adorable

  • They are very cute!

  • I'm pretty crazy about photography! I love the stories photos capture and I love how beautiful light can look! I love that they had a lantern! Tyler and I actually won our wedding photographer! It was crazy! It was a voting process and I busted my butt getting people to vote. I worked at a high school at the time so I one day I went into a friends class room and every hour we had her students vote.

  • clever and so sweet!

  • Love love love! These photos are absolutely stunning! Congratulations to them both πŸ™‚

  • Thanks sweet friend!