Escaping Reaction, Embracing Intention

remember when i told you we bought a google nexus 7? i have been loving playing with it when i get home from work because it is just so cool. one of the things i have been doing a lot is reading! my most recent (and my most favorite) read was Jacey Verdicchio’s new book “Escaping Reaction, Embracing Intention

tend to think i can do it all, or at least, that i should do it all. i work full time at a local non-profit as well as blog part time, try cook dinner every night, keep the house clean, do laundry, have great conversations and dates with my husband, attend our community group faithfully, spend time investing in friendships with the ladies in my life, meet with our marriage mentors, spend time with family who lives in town, learn new things, and pretty much do it all. 
i want to be the good wife, the great blogger, the perfect employee, a wonderful friend, and the most balanced person ever. i try to be intentional about that but it only leaves me overwhelmed and scrolling through pinterest instead of starting dinner or finishing that post. 

” so often the urgent sucks our attention dry, while the essentials go undone.” – Jacey Verdicchio

reading Jacey’s book was a reality check! one quiet Saturday morning, my eyes were opened to my giant to-do list plagued by the “most urgent.” i was able to take a step back, really look at my life, and start mapping out what is most important. even my cellphone is rejoicing as i finally figured out that i don’t need to get a notification every time someone likes my picture on instagram! 

i recommend this book without reservation for all you hard working ladies out there that are tied with guilt to your to-do list! it is a quick, engaging, encouraging read that blessed my life abundantly! it is not guilt based at all, in fact, it is so honest and authentic you cannot help but feel you are sitting down with Jacey over a hot cup of coffee! it also comes with 6 worksheets to help you distinguish what is important and sort out what should take priority! 
i think this is a book everyone should read – i mean, each one of us has so many responsibilities and i know that i am not the only one who goes to bed dwelling on all the things i “didn’t get done.” the book is only $8 but for Oak + Oats readers, Jacey has graciously offered a coupon code for $2 off!! – use code: oakandoats . at only $6 this book is a steal! if you grab one, let me know! i would love to chat with you about it!! 
do you have any ebooks you recommend?

Author: Oak & Oats

  • i've bougth this and it's on my "to read" list…hopefully within the next couple of weeks!
    also, i turned off my instagram notifications about a month ago, and it may have been the best decision i've ever made regarding my iphone. i'm not constantly bombarded by notifications that practically scream "look at me now!" and distract me from what i should be doing…being present.

  • such a great post! i am definitely gonna buy that book & give it a read!! 🙂 my word for the year is balance & i feel like i'm learning a lot about what you talked about. turning off my notifications on my phone was the best thing i ever did! prioritizing my "to-do" list is a close second! 🙂 it's so hard when there are so many GOOD things to do – but we must remember that just because we could do it all doesn't mean we need to! "time is like money – what you spend in one place cannot be spent elsewhere"

  • It sounds like you already have some great wisdom on this topic, Robyn!

  • thanks Jacey!! 🙂
    i just bought your book & so excited to read it! i LOVE that you include intention sheets!!! it's so great to be able to see things mapped out in front of my eyes!

  • It was so tempting to buy this book – I was just talking to my Bible study girls about how "the overwhelm" is getting to me. It really is hard to juggle all those things you listed. But I'm on a spending freeze for the month of April, so I'm pinning it for later!

  • I am proud of you girl!! sticking to your spending freeze. when you get to may I know you will love it!
    you could share it with your small group and do it together! maybe you can borrow from one of them or they can all pitch in a buck (you only need 6!) to get you one!!! if you use the code then even with putting in a dollar everyone is still saving 😉

  • Does it have practical steps? I've read so many books like this and heard so many sermons, and while they are all inspiring and moving, sometimes it's just SO hard to put them into practice.

  • I'll definitely add this to my to-read list! I love that there are intention sheets, I'm such a list girl so that sounds like something up my alley. Right now I'm working on the stack of books that I got for Christmas and just finished reading Undaunted by Christine Caine and would highly recommend that one!

  • I completely agree! Lately, I've been learning the importance of saying no every once in awhile and it's something that I've actually learned from bloggers and from my own experience blogging! But it's something that I think is really important, especially for our sanity, stress, and relationships–God included! 🙂 Great words, my friend!

  • that sounds good.. or perhaps how to make less of them or make them more realistic. 😛

  • Let me know what you think, Robyn!

  • I so agree! This book is a great read if you get the chance to read it this weekend (I know you can relate to the full time worker and partime blogger!)

  • I love that you have a stack of books 🙂 Totally add this one to your list 😉 haha! it is that good!

  • yes! I think you would be blessed by reading it! but no pressure 🙂

  • you totally should! and I am writing those ones down!

  • I highly recommend you read it! It is only six bucks and a quick encouraging read!

  • This post landed before mine on the Jack of All Trades link-up 🙂 This is a really great post, and one I can relate to so much! Like you, I work full-time at a nonprofit, blog part-time, have family and relationship responsibilities, nightly cooking, etc. It's so hard to let go of anything because of the urge to be perfect and good in all these categories. I think we all need help in escaping reaction and embracing intention.. can't wait to check this e-book out. Thanks for the coupon code too! 🙂

  • She really is 🙂 Can't wait to take more classes!

  • yes! the urge to be prefect. I think you will really be blessed by this ebook!