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Social media is a great way to connect with your readership on a new level and grow your blog reach. There are many apps out there (and there are new ones everyday) but there are several that are leading the way in the blog community that I think every blog should have.

It may or may not be obvious but this one is my favorite. It is literally snapshots of your day (and everyone else’s!) You can follow all you favorite bloggers, sweet friends, and wonderful photographers. I love the intimacy that Instagram can bring. You are allowed to see little the moments that make bloggers real people – adventures at the park, meals, what they are reading, doing, eating, liking… I have made some great friends over Instagram (liking & commenting back and forth) and even found new blogs that way. I recommend it to connect with your readers on a personal level and also to find like minded blogs thanks to the #hashtags! Make sure you’re following me on Instagram and come say hi!

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Where all things crafty, creative, and pretty live. Having a Pinterest is more than just enabling your addiction πŸ˜‰ It can grow your blog in unexpected ways! Awhile back my husband and I did the Whole30 and I wrote a post onΒ tips & tricksΒ when we were all done! That pin has brought many views to my blog & also drawn many people who share a same interest. Pins can help your blog find other readers but it can also help you find other bloggers! Just make sure that your Pinterest is not filled with only pins from your blog or else you will look a bit self centered. Find other blogs, pin things you like when you are reading your favorite blogs, and create well rounded Pinterest boards!

TIP: When you are blogging use Pinterest friendly photos in your posts (text, vertical) and have a way for readers to easily pin your images. This will help your website gain traction on Pinterest.

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Create a page for your blog (not your personal facebook) so that you can share posts, connect with your readers, ask questions, share links, etc. people are on facebook all the time, engage with them while they are waiting in line or taking a break after putting dinner in the oven. Also, make sure to like all the other blogs you follow so that you can share deals, stories, favorite blog posts, and work together! I highly recommend making a page for your blog so you don’t spam your family & friends with you blog posts all the time unless they chose to like your page!

You should have a twitter for your blog. Some people are Twitter stars and post all the time while others of us sign in once a day to check on things. Either way, it is good to have an account because it is pretty great.

Google+ is one of the newer social medias to the scene but you should still consider it for your blog. It is really easy to share content, join like-minded communities, and encourage each other. Posting on Google+ also helps with SEO and Google’s Searches so you’re doing yourself a favor!

I am including this in social media because I believe it to be SO important! Email is one of the most personal ways that you can connect with your readers! If you are open and available for your readers to email you thoughts, questions, ideas you will be able to understand your readership better. Also, an timely email response can mean the world to a reader. I know I feel valued when other blogs I am working with are emailing me updates and responding kindly, professionally, and quickly to my emails. Find an email rule that works for you – I try to respond within a week (or earlier if it is time sensitive) but you might feel like you can reply within the same day if blogging is your full time job. Find that number and try to honor it but don’t stress because no one is perfect!


PICK YOUR FAVORITES.Β WhenΒ you see how exciting and fun all of these social media outlets can be, it is easy to go overboard checking & updating all of them. Let’s be real, there is not enough time in the day to spend quality time on all of these even if it was all you did 24/7. Pick your favorites and commit to it! Spend more time on one and dabble in the rest of them! Also, you can alternate which ones you spend more time on. Currently I am spending most of my “social media time” on Instagram and Pinterest.

INCLUDE SOCIAL MEDIA ICONS.Β If you have a Facebook page for your blog, a Twitter account, and an Instagram, make sure you have links for all three on your blog! When I find a new blog that I love, I click straight to their Instagram account to see if I want to follow them. It helps me remember and connect with the new blog.

CREATE UNITY IN YOUR SOCIAL MEDIAS.Β When I first started creating all these social media outlets for my blog my names were all over the place. It was hard for readers to find me when my Twitter account was @untilonlylove, my instagram was @lizbethjoy, and my Pinterest was Beth Ridings (my maiden name!) Now everything is under Elizabeth Mayberry and @oakandoats so that everything is consistent. Try to stick with your blog name as much as possible when doing this. If I am trying to tag a fellow blogger who encouraged me or gave me an idea, I try to tag them by their name/ blog name. If it is @catylove38 but her blog is called Everyday Adventures and her really name is Katlyn, I wont be able to find her and probably wont try to figure it out ifIi am posting in a hurry. Be memorable, simple, and consistent.

TIP: You can change your name in all of the these social medias if you are wanting to do so.

USE IT TO CONNECT.Β There is more to social media than flooding them with your blog posts. Yes, it is a place to share your posts BUT you have the opportunity to share so much more. Share thoughts from your day “so thankful for the Starbucks my coworker bought me!” or ask questions to engage with your readers “who else is watching the Olympics every night?!? #sochi2013”

TRY NEW THINGS.Β Social media is EVER changing. Remember myspace? I loved my myspace and only got a facebook because I had a college email and it was like a right of passage (we all know that rule changed!) I was not really sure about twitter and it is still not my favorite but has helped me connect with my readers. I have become more eager to try new apps and see how/ if they help me connect with my readership and community. I tried vine but deleted it because I didn’t feel like it was a good niche for me and I am still trying to figure out snapchat (hah!) Remember, you don’t have to do everything but you wont know what you like until you try things!

What is your social media advice? Which ones are your favorites? Are we following each other on social media? Leave your link to your favorite social media and let’s connect!Β 

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Great advice, I agree pick your favorite social media outlet and focus on that otherwise it gets way to overwhelming.

  • I have been pushing against twitter, just don't feel like it will work for me.

  • These are really great tips. I have to admit I am horrible with most social media, especially facebook and twitter. But I do okay with Pinterest.

    maybe this should be my next weekly goal.

  • Great tips! It's crazy to watch how social media helps your blog grow. I love seeing what kind of traffic I get from pinterest because it's always surprise.

  • I didn't get twitter for quite a while after I started blogging, but finally I gave in, and have found it very useful in the blog world!

  • This is all great advice. I wish I had embraced social media like Twitter and Instagram earlier than I did!

    On an unrelated note, I saw up top that you have a Chromebook! My laptop is on its last legs and I'm thinking of getting one, but not sure if it could handle editing photos and all that good stuff. Do you have any feedback based on your experience with it?

  • Amy

    great thoughts.
    i've yet to streamline my "names" or change them to my blog.
    personally, i probably wont. i'm too spacy/lazy to tweet under a "blog handle" vs my personal. same with instagram hahaha.

  • Thank you so much for sharing this, it really is so helpful!!

  • So good! I heart heart heart instagram. I feel like instagram is a place where people are real and they don't always have the 'social media' front up, if that makes sense.

    Twitter … I'm still trying to figure that one out. I don't love it yet and it seems so fast. I'll be composing a tweet and before I'm done it will say '14 new tweets' aaaah!

  • Katy! I hear ya. However, not every blog I know has twitter. Katie, who writes at Hope Engaged has a wonderful wonderful blog and she doesn't use twitter at all.

  • no pressure! I mean, you can't do them all anyways! I only got twitter so that I could enter more giveaways. it took me months to use it for anything else. and even now, i spend the least amount of time on it (i don't even have it on my phone) but i respond to people who message me and i have connected with some "twitter lovers" out there! but (just like @Beka Johnson said,) you don't need a twitter account to be a great blogger. it is just another tool to help you connect.

  • Oh, I remember Myspace, for sure! And I remember when Facebook was for college students only. Wow, I'm old. lol
    These days, I prefer Google+ (and its communities).
    You're so right, is an ever changing thing, this Social Media stuff. πŸ™‚

  • My best advice – as someone who does social media for a living – is to find a program that you like that will help you schedule ahead {just like your blog posts}. I use Buffer for my blog & Hootesuite at work and they are both great. I know that I'm working at the times that are best to share my content {where the most people will see it}, so if I just schedule out some posts at the beginning of the day at the times I want, I don't have to worry about it as much. And this doesn't mean I can't still be engaging and respond and retweet, etc. – I can just do all those things when it is more convenient for me.

  • Heather Disarro

    Streamlining everything is SO HUGE and I don't think people get that sometimes. I can't tell you how much less confusing it has been to tell others about my blog and all that goes with it because the name is the same everywhere!

  • Such great advice! Twitter and Instagram are definitely my favorites! I'm learning more on how to use Pinterest. I don't post anything blog related on my Facebook, because a lot of my "real life" friends don't know about my blog. (That I know about. ha) Right now, I really want to start doing what Jenny suggested, schedule tweets in advance. I want to experiment with that and see how it turns out.

    I also don't tweet, instagram, or pin under Polished Arrow as my handle name. All my names are very similar though and my blog is linked in each. I don't think I would change my handle name unless I was a much bigger blog or did it full time. But, I go by Jess Elyse on comments and what not and that is the base of my handle names.

    Thank you for all this awesome advice! I've been wanting to get better at using social media to grow my blog, seeing as I'm a lover of all things social media. ha!

  • you are so welcome Heidi! I hope that you find them helpful!

  • yes! it also helps you blog better because you are not spreading yourself too thin!

  • I do love her blog!

  • and I think that is okay! It is fun to learn and explore new things but we cannot be perfect with them all!!!

  • I know it! I love that too! I really love ones that come from other people pinning my posts πŸ™‚ it is encouraging!

  • me too! I gave in because I wanted to enter more giveaways! lol. and now it is funny connecting with others!

  • I do have a chromebook and I love it! I have this white one but there are several others to chose from! Here are somethings you should know:

    1. I (i mean my husband…) did TONS of research and this fit what I needed best. Low cost, high performance, light weight, easy to transport to coffee shops, perfect for blogging, can upload my pictures from my camera..etc.

    2. You need to be connected to the internet to work on it (which has not been a big deal to me. I cannot even imagine needing to use my computer with out the internet – i use the internet for everything blog related, and email, and facebook.. but you can get ones that come with 3G (like cellphones)

    3. It has a solid state drive that starts right up but cannot hold much extra information. I have everything saved on google docs including all the pictures on my computer/ that I upload from my camera (which is great because I can access it from anywhere!)

    4. It has two USB ports, sound, and something else. it DOES NOT have a CD but I don't need one.

    5. You can not download any programs to the computer (like word, photoshop, video games.) BUT it comes with the whole package of google documents (which is word, excel, powerpoint, etc) and there are plenty of free photo editing apps that come with it.

    So, it is up to you but for me and what I need from a computer it is PERFECT!

    (sorry I went a bit overboard!)

  • hahah! That is fine! that just makes it more personal and more you!!

  • You are so welcome! I am glad that you felt it was helpful!

  • I love it too!! and yes! that is what overwhelms me… I just kinda spend way more time on instagram πŸ˜‰

  • and it is fun to dabble in all of them but we don't need to feel like we need to be perfect in all of them! also, i am still trying to figure the whole google+ thing out!

  • I have been dabbling in buffer! It is hard for me to remember to schedule them ahead of time! haha

  • I so agree! I think it also adds a professional and organized feel.

  • PS: you do not have your blog linked to your discus! I would love to check yours out!

  • I am so glad you were blessed by this! Also, you can create a separate facebook page for your blog if you want! then you can post all blog things on that instead of your regular facebook page! Just so you know πŸ™‚ and yes, I need to figure out those Buffer sites that Jenny mentioned!

  • so many great tips! thanks for sharing your wisdom! and I am totally addicated to IG, Honestly its the best things thats ever happend to social media! xo.

  • Pinterest is really big for me. I get a lot of traffic from my fitness posts, recipes, and posts on blogging. I always try to have a picture in my posts for that reason. I love Twitter, because I like trying to think of funny one-liners to tweet. But I like that you said it's good to not just plug your blog on social media. Twitter has SO MANY "check out my new post!" tweets, and it can get annoying. I usually only tweet about a new blog post once or twice, and I don't even tweet about all my posts. As for Facebook, I finally got one so my non-blogger friends and family could have a way to get notified of new posts. Those are the majority of people who "like" my blog FB page, but it's good because I don't have to spam everyone on my personal page.

  • Thanks to you I have a facebook page and I've been trying to up my instagram game too. πŸ™‚ Great tips friend. Thanks!!

  • Great tips! Thanks so much for sharing, it's always interesting to hear what other bloggers do or prefer. I've got Twitter down, and I am figuring out my 'blog facebook' page, and I love Instagram for personal use but I haven't quite mastered my 'blog account'. Takes time, I guess! xo

  • Hahaha, I do remember MySpace πŸ˜‰ This was a great list and breakdown of each social media outlet. I tried Vine as well .. and as much as I wanted it to work, it just wouldn't for me. Great tip about not only using Twitter to promote your blog … I always receive the most replies when I tweet random stuff that has nothing to do with anything lol. PS I saw your Starbucks giftcard the other day on IG – you have a heart of gold, Elizabeth! xo

  • Thank you SO much! Not overboard at all–this is incredibly helpful. Since I would basically use it for all things blogging (and other writing projects, which I do in Google Drive anyway) it sounds like this is a great option to replace my old clunker which is literally falling apart. Do you use it in Chrome or have you installed Linux or another OS? Thank you again! I really appreciate your thorough write-up.

  • It comes with chrome (you use your google account to sign into the computer) so it all syncs to your stuff! you can add another user so my husband has his google linked as well when he wants to use my computer and then I also have a guest login πŸ™‚

  • girl. i totes agree!!

  • hhaha! yeah! I got a facebook page so that my regular facebook wouldn't be spammy!

  • yeah! i love instagram πŸ™‚

  • I thought about doing different ones but really my instagram is the same for my friends, family, and blog world. I like it that way because my friends can see bits of my blog but mostly by blog buds can get glimpses of my real life! it is fun to connect on a personal level!

  • me too. i love pictures. LOVE them

  • Oh man, if I didn't blog (semi-)anonymously, I would use one account in a heartbeat. I am still working out my comfort level when it comes to sharing personal photos of my kids, etc. I know people really enjoy them, and it's almost weird to NOT share them, but I have to find a happy medium so for now – two accounts. πŸ™

  • you are going to make me blush πŸ˜‰

  • I love this! I'm pinning this to to keep referring back to it. πŸ™‚ I keep avoiding Facebook. I probably should make one.

  • I have all 5 of those but am not too good about maintaining all 5 beyond just my new posts. I think you are right in focusing one or two. Haha, I also had (perhaps still do somewhere? gasp) a MySpace page about 10 years ago.

  • oh geez, myspace… I only just created a facebook page for my blog but I think different kinds of readers like to follow using different platforms, so utilizing everything is key! I would also add using Hootsuite of Buffer to help with scheduled tweets – frees up so much time.

  • Perfect! I might partition it like that for personal and blogging. They overlap a lot but I'm realizing a need for boundaries. Thanks again Elizabeth.

  • Becca G

    So so glad I found this post and your blog through the Treat Yo Self Thursday link-up! I sometimes have such a hard time balancing all of the social medias and deciding when and what to post to them!

  • This was super helpful – just started blogging πŸ™‚

  • Love this list! Shared it on my Thursday Tidbits:

  • Esther & Grace

    Thanks! I just started my blog this week so I'll be using these.

  • Natacia Coleman

    I just started blogging two months ago and I had no idea Pinterest could make such a difference, but I'm excited to start using it! Thanks for the tip :]

  • I know! It is pretty crazy and so fun! I also love finding new blogs to follow that way!

  • yeah! enjoy the process of starting a new blog!

  • yeah! I was the same way, I finally just made one!

  • hahah! yeah! my myspace is out there still somewhere…

  • yeah! I so agree! I am trying to figure out how to use buffer efficiently!

  • Becca! Thank you so much for the sweet words! I hope you are encouraged!

  • I am so glad this could be helpful for you!!!

  • These are all definitely musts, however I really like Google+ as well. I have gotten a huge response from posting my blog posts to relevant communities and interacting with other bloggers on there. It's a really under appreciated medium!

  • I agree! I have just started to get into Google + and I am really enjoying it!

  • I'm really iffy about Google+. I didn't know there were communities on there that could be used that way. I may have to check it out!