let’s play a game

today is wednesday and i am very excited because i am supposed to be working but i took the day off to pick up my best friend at the Denver airport. miss Meg of Rivers & Roads is coming to spend thanksgiving with the Mayberries – yessssssss. today we are going to play a little game of tag where i share five facts about myself. random ones as well as the picture points out. Emily of Cake to Kale challenged me to a game and i am happy to share with each of you – and challenge you at the same time.
1. i love Q-tips. like way more than normal people do when they get out of the shower. i pretty much go through Q-tips like toilet paper – every time i go in my bathroom i am compelled to use a Q-tip. i am pretty sure this need is rooted in a fear of earwax and seeing earwax (not my thing). i want clean ears. please. 
2. i hit my snooze button four. five. six times at least every morning. i never want to get up. good news is my husband does the same – which is about 12 alarms every morning. eventually we both get up but at least neither one of us is irritated by the noise in the morning!
3. i cannot squish bugs. i put a cup over them so they are trapped until someone else (usually my husband) can kill them or i grab GOBS of paper towels and then something thick and hard to squish the bug with. if i EVER feel any of the guts, skeleton squishing i FREAK out. yuck. 
4. i love sports more than my husband. i never really knew that some people didn’t watch football every Sunday after church until i went to college. it was then that i realized some people watched football on Saturday (gasp. crazy!) and then i realized some people just don’t really watch sports. i have watched quite a few broncos games this year alone (but Bruce knows the score based on my yells) and that man has never owned as many sport shirts in his life because no one should be without a Broncos/ Rockies shirt to wear on game days! (PS: just to clarify, Bruce likes sports he is just not invested in the same way i am…)
5. i am a pro at memorizing lyrics. there once was this show on tv where contestants listened to a song and when it stopped they had to fill in the blanks. i was so good. seriously. it was the only tv show i ever considered going on (but i was in high school). i know lyrics to songs i love, songs i hate, songs from my childhood, songs i have only heard once… it pretty much is one of my favorite skills. no, i have no idea who sang it but i am pretty positive i can at least sing the chorus. too bad it will be off key the whole time 😉 
now your turn! TAG you are it! five random facts about you. GO! in the comments, in a blog post, on facebook… just let me know how you share it so that i can enjoy the game with you!! happy Wednesday!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry