my first tree

alright, the cat is out of the bag. i have never owned a REAL Christmas tree in my life until this year!! this is big news people. big news. just to clear the air (and because i know my mom reads my blog), i want everyone to know i had a wonderful childhood packed with the best Christmas memories and a fake tree that we tried to leave up as long as possible. Christmas is still Christmas even if your tree is fake. with all that said, Bruce is a real tree kind of kid and i always was drawn to the idea of the adventure of picking out a Christmas tree.

we didn’t drive up to the mountains to cut down our tree, but i was just about as excited as that on our drive over to the nursery down the street. because we were not going to the mountains, i really wanted to support the local businesses here in the Springs (not just grab a tree at walmart) so we went to Rick’s Garden Center.
i love the adventure. the hunt. the giddyness. and the “that’s the one” moment. similar to falling in love πŸ˜‰ my best friend megs of rivers & roads is spending the Thanksgiving week with us here in Colorado and documented my whole first tree event. we also met one of our best couple friends (the Mays) at Rick’s so the girls could help each other pick the best tree and the boys could help tie them on our cars. operation Christmas tree was a success!




Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Suzana S.

    I remember our first tree hunt! My hubby ad I were so eager to find the right one, even my swollen tooth couldn't stop us! πŸ˜€ It was really a beautiful tree… Cheers to yours! it's gorgeous!

  • Christina Main

    Yay you! Your house is going to smell AMAZING!

  • agodfashionedlife

    Happy first real tree!

  • Last year was the first time we had a real tree! We got ours today, and agreed we really like the new tradition.

  • I just found your blog and LOVE it πŸ™‚ We are Coloradans too, and we did go up in the mountains today to get our tree. It is fun, and a tradition we love, but the trees are a little, um, sparse if you don't go in far enough. You can't beat the real Christmas tree smell!

  • congrats on your first real tree!!! it's a night and day difference i tell ya. we also had only fake growing up but as soon as we got married we started getting real trees. they don't have nurseries here in korea since majority of people don't celebrate it and if they do they have tiny two foot fake trees. so we just went into the woods and chopped one down ourselves. pretty sure we're not supposed to do that….

  • Jess Boyd

    ahh! i had a real tree for a while growing up, but then we grew tired of having to lug the tree up stairs to our second floor apartment and switched to a fake tree. I love having a real tree for the wonderful smell that fills your entire house, but a fake tree has zero maintenance and is less likely to catch on fire and burn the house down. so glad you were able to find "the one"! it's a beauty πŸ™‚

  • Katy

    Ah, my first real tree was with the ex-husband. We did the whole adventure of trudging through the woods, cutting it down, the whole 10-yards. One year, that was good for me. I think if I get a real tree again, I'll go to a nursery and pick one out like you guys did. And I love the pic of the tree on the car, great shot!

  • thanks! we like to pretend to be artsy!

  • I am loving the smell and making sure I water it everyday! it is new to me but fun and exciting! I have nothing against fake trees – they really are practical!

  • i love that you still do that! so fun (and rebellious!)

  • thank you! yeah for other Coloradans!!! I am so glad you all went up to pick out your tree! what fun!

  • yeah! so do we.

  • This was such a fun time!!! πŸ™‚

  • It totally was Meggy!