How to Set Up your Blog for Vacation Mode


Question: This is the first year I’m a bit more serious about blogging and I am nervous about the Holidays coming up! Everyone else is taking off work – do I need to keep blogging? Is it okay to slow down or take a break?Β 

SURPRISE! It’s Wednesday but I’m doing an Ask Elizabeth today because I’m treating it as my Friday. Which is PERFECT for this question! Christmas is less than a week away! I am SOOOO pumped. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year (as all the great songs say!) and it is really important for me to be able to spend those days and this season with my friends & family.

Yes, yes, yes, yes! It is okay to slow down and okay to take a break. Girl. I can 100% relate to the pressure to work around the clock and push out new content like crazy but as someone who has lived through many seasons in blogging, a little rest can go a long way and all your readers will not bail if you don’t post for a week around Christmas.


One way to be able to be present with your Christmas activities is to schedule content ahead of time. Write out a couple posts you want to get in over the holidays. Sit down and write them and schedule them to post throughout the week. This is great if you are traveling or if you just need a couple days away from the computer and with out of town guests! Try to make these less complicated – they will go live on their own and you can share the post and reply to comments when you get back into the “office.”


You can also just simply not blog for a week or so. Take this post, I could have scheduled it for Friday and continued scheduling other posts all week, but I wanted to just take a break as well. That’s SO okay! You can post less for the holidays or simply just not post for a week or two! Everything will be okay when you come back!


I always say that I’ll be over on Instagram (& stories) when I take a break from blogging. I do it because I love Instagram and it is fun for me to keep it up. It is a fun way to still be around when taking a break BUT it is so important to only hopΒ  on when you want! Don’t feel obligated to post daily or share stories of everything you do. This is your vacation (and your break!!) only hop on when you want!


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Author: Elizabeth Mayberry