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Hearth & Hand Gift Guide Target Magnolia Gift Guide

I didn’t know if I would be at Target on November 5th. I am a bit of a crowd avoider – I get super overwhelmed in situations like that. Also, I hate messy stores. It makes my world feel too chaotic and I just leave my cart because I can’t even. So I was nervous that the crowds would make a mess (unfolded towels everywhere – things in the wrong place, gift bags thrown all about, gahhh πŸ˜‰ ) Also (and more importantly) I was super busy on Sunday and didn’t think I would have the time or energy to add it to my list.

But after dinner with family we got in the car and Bruce said “Should we go check it out?” It was 7 o’clock out but felt like 10. The roads were calm and I wasn’t ready for bed yet, so we went! The store was clean and we were the only ones there – so it was a good choice πŸ˜‰ I left with this Tree Topper. I wish the Christmas Tree Nurseries were already set out because I am READY to decorate for Christmas! Haha.

Both Bruce & I were surprised by the pricing on all the Hearth & Hand products! They were actually super reasonable and the products were quality. That made me excited because I can actually incorporate more of them into my home than I initially expected! For all Magnolia / Fixer Upper / Chip & Johanna fans you have the best gifts to give this year! Anything from this collection would be a great addition to their (our your) home! I wanted to share with you some of my favorites from the collection. Online they have the whole collection but not all the stores do. Just keep that in mind if you are trying to plan shopping lists!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Abi

    I’m a big fan of the dishes – which is what I left with! The salad plates, two serving pieces and mugs…. I wish some of the pieces were going to be restocked! They really are great staples!

    • Oh yes! I am really considering getting the dishes! Are they not going to be restocked?

  • I braved Target on Tuesday but ended up not buying anything. I love the Christmas wrapping paper/tags they did for the collection. I’ll probably be picking those up here soon!

    • I love that stuff too! It would be a great Christmas theme for all your wrapping!

  • Thanks for sharing! I am in LOVE with that place setting!

  • They have so much cute stuff!!!!! And what did I miss–why would the stores be packed on Nov. 5th? Is that when their line launched??

    • hahah yeah! They had black tarps around the area until the 5th getting everything set up. Also you couldn’t buy online until the launch so people were going a bit crazy πŸ˜‰ hahah.

  • SOOOO Much gorgeous stuff! I am crazy about that house fire wood holder, and I don’t even have a fireplace! LOL Those stockings are amazing though!

  • I love the wreaths–when our home reno is complete, I’m going to make a BIG purchase!