Disneyland Day #2

Disneyland Day Two – and we are still running around the parks like crazy people! haha. Looking through these pictures most of them are from waiting in line or eating food because those are the only two times we really slowed down at all! A Disney World trip allows for more downtime but two days at Disneyland does not as much. Especially when you are hanging out with your younger, more youthful, baby siblings!

It was also HOT HOT HOT. The ice cream we ate at the Cozy Cone was essential to our survival. As were the Mickey beignets – we take our Mickey shaped food seriously.

PS: Did you miss Day #1!?! Oh no, you read them out of order – everything is ruined! πŸ˜‰ JK. But you should see the rest here!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • What a fun time! The Mickey beignets are cracking me up…!

  • It looks like you guys had so much fun! Your shorts are super cute!

  • This post is making me so excited! I am headed to the park next month for THREE DAYS!!

  • So fun! Looks like you all had a great time! I would kill for one of those Mickey beignets right now!!

  • If you think doing two parks in two days is bad…

    We did both in one day… a day that had a race that morning… a Saturday… on Mother’s Day weekend.

    Yeah. It was rough.

    We were in California for my husband’s work, so we had very little flexibility on the dates of our free days. That was the only day when we could spend the entire day at the parks as opposed to a partial day, so that was our Disney day! We still had a blast, but we had to skip a lot of rides. Luckily we’ve been spoiled by Disney. August 216 we did one day at EPCOT/Magic Kingdom. November 2016 we did one day at the two Paris Disney parks. And then we had our day in May. So… I can’t complain!

    P.S. Our next Disney trip will be a new international destination… Any guesses?!

    • Yes! We did one day last year and it was insane! haha. We ran the whole time. and oh baby – a holiday weekend?! I can only imagine!

      I’ve been to the three you have been to! So the others are Tokyo and Shanghai and they would both be incredible!!! Which one is it?!!?

      • Tokyo! We’re spending two weeks in Japan next year.