Mickey & Minnie Mouse Couple Costume

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume for couples. All available on Amazon Prime for last minute planning!

Halloween is coming up (like the parties start this weekend!) Every year Bruce and I like to dress up but every year we do it last minute. I think mostly I just can’t go to a Halloween party dressed as myself but I also can’t go overboard because we don’t have a huge Halloween costume budget (if I did we would SO have fancy Kristoff & Anna costumes.) I love this fun version of Mickey & Minnie – you can pull from things you already own and the other pieces you purchase you can wear again so it isn’t eating up your budget.

Plus everything I listed comes straight from Amazon Prime for all us last minute people out there! Free 2-day shipping is the best invention ever. Don’t forget to add your mouse features! Use black eyeliner or face paint to add a mouse nose to complete the look!


Mickey Ears || Black Shirt || Red Shorts || Yellow Shoes || White Gloves


Minnie Ears || Red Polka Dot Dress || Yellow Flats || White GlovesΒ || Minnie Purse

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • So cute! Because our costume budget is usually bill I really love how a lot of the items can be found at garage sales and in your closet! Great ideas for couple costumes!

  • This is so cute and easy to throw together in a flash! I went as Minnie Mouse one year for work but only had a black dress. I totally rocked my Minnie ears from Disney, though!

  • So cute and easy to do!

  • How creative! You can’t go wrong with a Disney-based costume. πŸ™‚


  • I love this idea, and that polka dot dress is too stinking cute. I’d wear it every Halloween!

  • My husband and I are the WORST at dressing up for Halloween (and have only dressed up like, once apiece in the six years we’ve been married), but if we’re ever invited to a couples Halloween party, this would seriously be the cutest! And how awesome is that dress?!

  • Prime is the bestttttt (though we’ve never used it for costumes, since my husband doesn’t do costumes haha. One time he wore a flannel shirt he already had so he could be a “canadian” with me for a costume party LOL)

  • Abi

    kinda love those mens sneakers!! and that bag is too cute! I wish there would have been an equally cute costume (it’s a Disney character) for my kiddos… instead, it took me 8 hours to make part of it. Once I started I couldn’t quit…….

  • Amy

    I love how simple these costumes are but how they will still be statement type pieces! <3 great costume ideas!

    • Yes! Totally! And so fun! But you always have great costumes each year!