Shades of Autumn: Style favorites under $50

Autumn Style Under $50

As I sit here it is 49 degrees outside according to my weather app. From my desk I can see a mountain blurred by low hanging clouds and neighbor’s roofs wet with rain. Fog and fall have settled in this week and I don’t mind it one bit. I’ve got a giant mug of Sleepy Time (my all time favorite tea) in hand and I’m adding all the cozy things to my cart between photo editing sessions. You could say it is a good day.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things I found in my research. Full disclosure: all of them are under $50 because I’m not made of money πŸ˜‰ I also have those Toms booties in another color and they are MY FAVORITE (evidence)! I have other boots that are no way near as comfortable so I am thinking I just need to get the same pair in other colors.

prAna Scarf || Chunky Sweater || Wool Floppy Hat

Fossil Watch ||Β Toms Leila Boots || Cozy Vintage Socks || Long Knit CardiganΒ 

Boyfriend Cardigan || Tote Bag || Walnut Sunglasses

What colors and styles draw your eye during this season? I love fall but still tend to stay in my pinks, creams, and grey style – hahah!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • I just got those booties in taupe suede today lol! This year I’ve really been drawn to blush and dark plum colors which is weird since I’m usually a burgundy kind of gal.

    • They are so comfortable!!! I have them in the light brown leather and I wear them ALL the time!! And yes on the blush these days!

      • I was a little worried when I took them out of the box because the top opening looked so big and I was afraid my legs would look like twigs, but it’s actually the opposite. Something about the way they are cut makes them super flattering. Well worth the price!

        • Oh yes! Totally. I think they are cut so nicely! and they look great with jeans or leggings or tights or just dresses!

  • It’s good to see what boots people like, because I just got a pair of what I thought were cute ankle boots off Amazon but they’re so narrow I can’t get my feet in them! Haha. Anyway, love your style, Beth!

    • Oh boo! I’ve definitely had a couple of booties that just didn’t make the mark! These guys are my fav!! and so they get all the usage. I really should just give my others away!

  • All of this looks so cozy! Neeeeeed those cardigans.

  • Oh man, so cozy… I am missing fall in Colorado…

  • Those boots are so cute!! I totally just looked at the brown leather ones with hearts in my eyes!

  • So many cute options! I would really like to get myself a long cardigan, but I’m not sure I can justify it, seeing as I probably have a good 25 regular cardigans already, ha ha. Guess that’s what came out of being a teacher!

    • lol! I love that. I have like NO cardigans. I always find them so hard to buy!

  • Amanda | Maple Alps

    Those boots are super adorable! I’ve been looking for a pair for this autumn.

    • Thanks so much! I have them and love them!!! You should totally try them!

  • These sweaters look SOOOOOO cozy. I’ll take one of each, please!

  • Oh my, how nice your weather is so cold. I am sitting outside right now as I type this comment wearing shorts and flip flops in sunny Orange County, wondering when I’ll be able to pull of a cardigan, haha. Love this round up! πŸ™‚

    • hahah totally! But enjoy it! We can’t wait to visit socal this month!!!

  • Abi

    love the long knit cardigan! And the bag. and the sunglasses… =)

  • These are all so cute for fall! And so reasonable.

  • I sure love cozy cardigans in the fall!!!

  • These look so cozy and perfect for the fall season! I love cardigans and nice hats!!

  • Amy

    That big chunky grey sweater is beautiful! <3