The Summer of Rompers

LOCATION: Iron Bird Brewing

OUTFIT DETAILS: LOFT Rose Garden Flutter Romper || VISCATA Escala Espadrilles || Crossbody (similar) || Rose Gold Watch

I’ve declared this summer the summer of rompers. When they first started to become a thing I was scared of them – I wasn’t sure I would look good in a giant onesie 😉 But then I found this romper and decided they were the best invention ever. Each summer I add a couple summer dresses to my collection but this year is all about the romper collection – like this chambray one from the GAP and the one in these photos from LOFT. I love how you can dress them up like a dress but you still have shorts so you don’t have to worry about your dress flying up (haha! But amiright?!)

The other night we went out to one of our favorite breweries for dinner. Iron Bird not only has good beer, but they have the best pizza in town – hence what makes it one of our favorites! I ordered a Kettle Sour and I am not really sure what that means, but I liked it! It tasted much lighter than it looks. Bruce ordered an IPA which you can spy in some of the photos if you look close 😉 We sat outside enjoying the Colorado evening while a couple raindrops tried to threaten us (it didn’t work) and decompressed after a days work. Sometimes when we both work from home all day, eating at home is the last thing we want to do. We can both go a little stir crazy when we don’t leave the house – a good meal & a good beer always helps with that.

So here is to summers and rompers and sitting on porches with beers, friends, and pizza! What are your thoughts on rompers? Feel like jumping on my summer of rompers with me ;)?


Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • I used to feel the same way about rompers, but I wore one for the first time a few years ago, and now I’m in love! They’re just so comfortable and perfect for summertime. By the way, I almost bought this exact romper recently 🙂 It’s still on my wishlist!

    • Yes! they are soo darn cozy! I love that! I saw it on sale at LOFT and said YES! hahah!

  • Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl

    I LOVE that floral print! I have been missing rompers while pregnant 🙁 They’re so comfy and easy!

    • thanks so much!!! I’m pretty much obsessed with pink and floral – so it is perfect!

  • I wish I could get into the romper trend. I always love them on everyone else, until I try one on. They just never look right on me. This one is so cute though & I love the print!

    • Yeah! I know what it is like to keep trying things on and have them not fit BUT I do think you should keep looking. There are so many styles out there – I don’t fit every romper but I found the type that does. 🙂

  • You are too cute! So far I haven’t found a romper that quite fits my body shape but I’m determined! (And it has to be breastfeeding friendly so, really, I think I’m kidding myself that I’ll find one) 😉

    • Yes! There are so many rompers that do not fit me! haha. But I found the style that works! Also, yes – those are hard to come by! Don’t worry, you won’t be breast feeding forever!

  • That romper is super cute! I was skeptical of rompers at first but my best friend forced me to try one on once and I ended up buying it. I have a black short-sleeved Banana Republic one that I wear which is perfect for summer.

    • Thanks so much! And yes! The key is finding the right ones for you. I am not into the strapless or spaghetti strapped kind but the long sleeves and sleeveless ones like the one I am wearing are my jam!

  • I love going to breweries during the summer. We have a huge really fun one called Surly in Minneapolis. It’s amazing, if you even come travel here you should definitely check it out! The romper is so adorable, but I like those shoes even more!

    • Gah! Thanks so much! I know – and they are SOOO comfortable! I really should have talked about them more! Plus I got them on Amazon Prime!!! Got to love the 2-day shipping!

  • Soooo pretty!! Can maternity rompers be a thing plz? 😉

  • Oh my gosh, I LOVE this romper!! It’s so cute and looks so comfortable! Definitely something I could see myself wearing <3

  • Those heels are SO darling!!! Your whole outfit is super cute. 🙂

    • I know! And they are comfortable! I got them off Amazon believe it or not!

  • So cute! I love that print! I love the idea of rompers, but haven’t picked any up yet, maybe I will this summer!

  • Already on the romper craze girl!!!!!! Going to wear mine with you Friday. I’ll think of you when I wear mine haha! I do hope to shoot it but we shall see. It’s either sooo sunny or pouring cats and dogs.

    • You go girl!! hahaah! sun you can work with if you find shade… pouring weather is hard!

  • Amanda

    My husband asked why someone was wearing one the other day and that girl didn’t look cute in the one she picked. And I told him it was a fad. I wasn’t really on board, but occasionally i see a super cute one, like the one you are wearing and I think hmm…maybe I could pull that off. 🙂

    • hahah yes! Not all the styles are for everyone – I am super picky about the styles I wear! They totally are a fad (back from the 60s/70s) but I love that they are like dresses with shorts! hahah

  • Amy

    You are seriously the most beautiful! <3