How to Keep Blogging in 2017

How to keep blogging in an over-saturated and ever changing blog worldAsk Elizabeth

Question:  How do you keep going so strong when today there are thousands of blogs, unlike seven years ago when I began…I’m finding it hard to keep readers interested! 

How to keep on keeping on in an over-saturated and ever changing blog world. I loved this question so much because my first response was “girl I feel ya!” Blogging has changed significantly since 2010 when I first started blogging as well. Change is not necessarily bad but it is very different (and that makes it hard.) Back when I first started blogging, there were simply less blogs. People wrote more personal posts like “life lately” or “weekend recap.” Not every blog post was scheduled out or was monitored by google analytics for page-views & response rate. We read each other’s blogs and commented all the time (seriously, some of my older blog post have 60+ comments and now I am lucky to get four!) Instagram wasn’t a thing, Facebook was still for friends & family, and I had no interest in Twitter/ barely knew it existed. Before Snapchat, Pinterest, and a blogging tool for every need, was just a bunch of people who wrote about their lives on the internet.

Times have changed.

Now in addition to our blog, we have to keep up on the ever – changing algorithms of social media. We feel like we have to fight to be seen – or at least pay to be seen now on Facebook & Instagram. The pressure to create content that engages and draws people in is real. We are tempted to sound more like click bait articles than let our own voices shine through our writing. Our pictures have to be bigger & better (and vertical!) for Pinterest. “How I made $1000 in just one Week on my Blog” and “All my Secrets to my $100K launch” are the new blog trends and those posts sound very temping too.

It is easy to see all the negatives of the growth over these last seven years but there are also a lot of positives. Social media allows us to connect with our readers in new ways (and more of them!) There are so many more resources out there to help us grow and manage our blogs. AND brands are just now starting to put more and more of their advertising budgets into influencer marketing making blogging an actual job and not just a hobby.

While blogging is not the same as it was, I think it is important to keep on keeping on. I’m still here seven years later and while I do get frustrated at times, it is my wonderful, flexible, fulfilling full time job! I wanted to share with you some things to help encourage you to keep blogging in the midst of this ever-changing & over-saturated blog world:


Like I mentioned above, commenting was a huge deal a couple years ago. That is how we let people know we were reading & checking in. That is one of the old things of blogging I really miss so I am making an effort to bring it back! I found that all the responsibilities of maintaining a blog has left me strapped for time and my reading of other blogs and commenting went way down. Why was I expecting readers to make time for me when I wasn’t making time for other bloggers?

When we recognize some of the things we miss about the old way of blogging, we can bring bits of that to 2017. While it won’t look exactly the same, we can still do something about it and revive it in our corner of the blog world.

To encourage commenting & engagement on blog posts again, I started a Facebook group called The Mountainside Gathering. Click here to join and you can be part of a group of bloggers who are bringing commenting back!


It is so easy to start writing what you think other people will want to read, what everyone else is writing about, or what you know will make you money. While blogging is my full-time job and it is important to recognize what my readers want and make money, I found I was getting so burnt out trying to keep up with all the new blogging trends. Just recently I hit a breaking point where I needed to either give up blogging (which I just couldn’t because I love it too much) or stop trying to do all the things and instead do my thing. I chose to do my thing.

You don’t have to write about how to have a  $100K launch or everything you need from the Shopbop sale (unless you want to), you can write about what you want to write about! And you know what? When you write with your voice about topics you are passionate about, people see that. People are drawn to what other people are passionate about. One of my favorite lines in La La Land is when Mia tells Sebastian, “people love what other people are passionate about!”

It is important to know your audience and share with them helpful, encouraging, posts that meet their needs but make sure that you are giving out of your gifting, passions, and sweet spot.

PS: This also means that if you want to bring back “life lately” or “weekend recap” then do it! Bring back what you miss from your blog circa 2010. It might not end up as a viral pin on Pinterest, but it may connect with a reader and give them hope, encouragement, or a good laugh. And isn’t that worth it in the end?


More than ever it is important to be yourself. In a world that has so many social media algorithms, bloggers, and influencers it is increasingly more tempting to try to be like everyone else. BUT the only way you can stand out is when you let yourself be yourself. It feels cheesy and we heard it a million times growing up but it is the truth. There is no one else like you so don’t be afraid to bring what you have to offer to the table.

Not only will it help you stand out in a saturated market, but it will also make you happy.


While I am all about remembering the glory days of blogging past, it is also important to keep growing & moving. Stagnant water is unhealthy and we can end up like that if we let ourselves. So what Instagram changed their algorithms, keep posting content you are proud of and engaging. So what if more people respond to you on Instagram than Facebook, engage with them where they are. Don’t let each new change beat you down, just roll with the punches. While I loved blogging circa 2010, I did not love my blog then. It is WAAAAY nicer these days and I am honestly proud of how far I have come. I wouldn’t be here now if I wasn’t always adjusting, learning, and trying new things.

Change is scary. We don’t know what new things look like and trying new things is often hard. But if we allow ourselves to keep learning and trying new things we will grow and we will thrive.


And above all these things, remember why you do what you do. I had a good couple cries with my husband a couple weeks ago about blogging. I can relate to the fact that this market feels over-saturated. I know what it feels like to be solely in charge of my income. I know how hard it is that all the things are always changing (gah! Instagram!!) and I know what it feels like to fight for every page-view. But you know what? When I look back and look deep into my heart – success isn’t the numbers or the money, it is the people. If I can encourage just one person, it was worth it. If I can show just one person the joy in capturing photos of their everyday moments, it was worth it. If I can empower people to run after their dreams, live out my passions & talents, and make time for my family and friends, it was worth it!

When my idea of success gets blurred the pressures of money & numbers weigh me down and I can feel so lost in this blog world. But on those good days when I am living out of my passions and I am making a difference (no matter how large or small), everything else falls into place. The money, the people, the creativity.

You want to know something? We may never be one of those huge bloggers – like A Beautiful Mess, Gal Meets Glam, Jenna Kutcher, or Oh Joy – but we can all still have a place at the table. We all have something to offer. That’s what keeps me going. Not the idea that one day I may be rich & famous, but that there is room on the internet for Elizabeth and what I have to offer.


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Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • This. This is everything. I’m considering printing this post in wallpaper form so I can read it everyday. Thanks so much for the encouraging words!

    • Oh my goodness! Elizabeth! You are so fun! I am so proud of you and the work you are doing!! You are rocking it!

  • Mom

    Elizabeth, this was such a well written, honest and encouraging piece!

  • I have been feeling SO frustrated with blogging/social media lately, so this was extremely fitting! I really do miss the days of commenting, too, and I hope to get back into it. Definitely joining your group!

    • Yes! It really can get so frustrating (and I can relate to your feelings on that!)!! I am so glad you are joining our group! I’m excited to bring back comments and conversation!

  • Love this! I went from writing a few posts a week to forcing myself to grind out one measly post a week because I was starving for ideas or inspiration to get views, when I really should just write about what I want.

    • Oak & Oats

      Haley!! Yes! While it is important to know your audience and write content that connects with them, it is NOT WORTH IT to blog for the “viral pin!” I hope you take some time this week really thinking about your blog and what you have to offer and get back to the FUN of blogging again!! XOXO

  • I love this article! I actually did a complete rebrand recently because I felt all of the same things. Right now I am focusing on blogging for myself and finding my tribe and I have to say it is so refreshing! I cannot wait to share this post next week on my Monday Musings article!

    • Oak & Oats

      Yes!! Oh girl. I really can relate! And yes, isn’t it refreshing? I’ve been way more intentional these last weeks about doing things the way I want to and it have breathed so much new life into this blog!!

  • P R E A C H!

    There is room for everyone on the internet, love that. I hope you realized you are making waves in a big way Elizabeth! You have inspired me, and made tribe with so many out ladyprenurs out there! Your presence is beautiful!

    hope you have the best weekend with your favorites!

    • Danielle!! Thank you SOOO much for this comment!! Your words are so sweet and encouraging to me! Have a wonderful weekend as well!

  • this is such a well written post! and i think these kind of posts are how your blog is still alive today – b/c you can see the passion and heart behind all of your posts… even when they are about products. you can see your personality shine through! i’m guilty of not commenting much anymore also… but i do still read blogs! i just need to take the time to comment & let people know!

    • Robyn! Thank you so much!! You are so sweet. These are really some of my favorite posts to write too! And thanks for the encouragement! Yeah! I don’t think we always need to comment but I am trying to be more intentional about reading and commenting!!

  • This is so great, Beth. I loved every word of it, and how you struck the perfect balance between rolling with the punches/adapting but also keeping to what you love doing!

    I’d be super thrilled if you forgave Disqus for being a troll and used it again so I can see your replies….I can’t subscribe to comments on all these sites 😉 But obviously I’ll keep commenting forever even if I never see the replies 😉

  • I love this post so much, and I’m not just saying that. I couldn’t agree with you more. I feel I barely can receive comments on my actual blog posts, but my Instagram get them all instead. It’s funny how people are more engaged in certain platforms over others. Thank you for your insight!
    Jasmine Grace

    • Jasmine,

      Thank you SO much for your words!! It is funny to see how the platforms are changing. There is totally room for growth but we can also keep some of our old favorites too!

  • I struggle with this so much because I always feel like my voice isn’t enough or isn’t adding enough. However, I think fixing my eyes on what’s important and loving the content I write has been helpful in trying to shift my thoughts from comparison to rejoicing when others have successes and yet not trying to change everything I am to achieve the same growth. I think readers value authenticity anyway – at least for me as a reader! These tips are really helpful going forward as I continue to think and wrestle with this!

    • Ro!! I know what you mean. I also often doubt what I have to offer but I find that when I am being true to myself, there is fruit of that. Like this post even – I have been thinking about this a lot lately and just wrote it all down. I have been surprised with the response but it is just proof that when we write from passion, we will draw the right people! You have got this girl!! Be proud of the content you create and people will come!!

      And remember – it is not about being famous for famous sake – but doing what you love and sharing that with others!!

  • I really needed to read this today! I am constantly battling with the why I blog and if I should continue. It can be discouraging at times. But I truly love writing and that’s one reason I love to blog.

    • Shannon!
      I just love when posts like this are perfect timing! I also recently went through a “blog crisis” where I had to get back to my why and the content I want to create. I think that it is really easy to get going down the wrong path and we have to regroup (and check directions) again and again. I love that you love writing and you should keep that up – if it gives you life, it is worth it!

  • This is exactly the kind of post I needed to read today! Blogging has become so stale. I see the same post and pictures on all of the blogs. Nothing is unique and personal anymore. Let’s bring it back, shall we 🙂

  • Rebekah Gaspar

    This was so encouraging to read! Thank you <3 For me it's like a pendulum, some days I'm super psyched about blogging and other days I can *almost* convince myself it's a waste of time. Pinning your post to come back to when I need a good reminder haha. 🙂

    • Oh yes! I can relate to the back and forth! I try to get lots of blog posts written when I am feeling it so that I don’t have to force out a post when I am not! hahah

  • Remembering my why is what keeps me going when I’m discouraged! Taking a break from blogging before and after Josiah was born KILLED my page views – even for the newer posts – and I’m choosing to not let that discourage me but, instead, remember that I just love blogging!

    • Susannah! Yes & Yes! It is hard when we intentional walk away for family (and maternity leave) and we come back to a changed environment. But yes! Please remember when you get discouraged your priorities and passions. It isn’t about the page views!

  • You nailed this post!!! I so miss the old community, or rather need to find one (thanks for adding me to The Mountainside Gathering page) because theres nothing like truly connecting with someone’s page because their life is interesting to read about, rather than only trying to gain followers! Absolutely agree with you…commenting should go back to the way it use to be! Thanks for sharing. Love this new series. 🙂

    • I am so glad to have you at the mountainside gathering!! AND excited to not give up on community but still seek it!! XOXO

  • Elizabeth Colette

    I love this. I’m new to blogging, so I don’t know how it was before, but I do blog for me! I really enjoy it and as long aw I keep enjoying it, I will continue on.

  • Megan Demarchi

    I love this! It’s so easy to get burnt out when you’re not writing content that you love. Great reminder to be true to yourself!

    • It really is! And we can veer off so fast! hhha! I am so glad you were encouraged!

  • Kristine Guenther

    Great post! It is good to remember to blog because it makes you happy! 🙂

  • Sarah Michele Photography

    I love this! Ive always enjoyed blogging. Content that you love, because its your blog.. love this!

  • Brittany Slaughter

    I love this and all the awesome blogging tips and information here! I’ve been a blog reader/writer since 2009 and it’s so crazy to see how things have changed!

    • It really has changed a lot and sometimes seeing all that change can discourage us but it shouldn’t we can mix the old with the new!

  • Jennifer Schmidt

    LOVE!! I am writing a post right now on why I took a social media break. A much needed break. I remembered my purpose and why I started this whole adventure.

    • Oh yes!! I would love to hear about your break!! I love that it helped bring you so much clarity!

  • Sharee Davenport

    The pressure to create content that engages and draws people in is SO real as is really honing in on your brand now more than ever! these tips are so so spot on and i hope it encourages people to blog more consistently!

    • Yes! For real. Thanks so much Sharee!! It is so important to work out of our passions and sweet spot, that is when things fall in place!!

  • Mercedes

    I do kind of regret stopping my blog in 2008. It was a great way to journal and share with friends and family at the same time. The blogging switched to work, though!

    • Yeah! Did you shut it down or do you still have it somewhere. Maybe you cna bring it back for fun! IT is a lot of work but so worth it if it is your passion!

  • Tiara Wilson

    I can completely agree with this. I started a personal blog back in 2014 and then I stopped because it was so overwhelming. I am hoping to stay on top of things with my current blog and to continue to push and network to make the best out of it. <3

    • Yes! To really blog well you need to enjoy the process. There is so much work involved that if passion isn’t there, it wont last! As long as you live in your passion, connect with others, share what you want to share, then you will succeed! Figure out your why so you have that to fall back on!

  • FABULOUS post!!!! So true – write what YOU want. Genuinely connect with people. Make your readers feel valued and important. It makes such a difference and really matters!!!

    Coming Up Roses

    • Erica!

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment! It really does make a difference to focus on the community and creating content out of your sweet spot and owning it!!

  • I’m with you – keep on keeping on!! I’ve been blogging for a long time too and I don’t do a lot of things I probably “should” do, like pinterest images and tons of beautiful photos and how to posts. I mostly post funny stories from my life with sub-par photos and no reliable posting schedule! But, it makes me happy so I just keep going with it! 🙂

    • Yes! And isn’t that the most important stuff? I am all about growing and stretching yourself and learning but we need to keep the fun. haha. We need to remember why we started and what really matters!

  • What great advice! I’ve started writing what I want, vs what I think I should, and I couldn’t be more fulfilled.

  • Devon Bernthal

    I love this post! I get so caught up in the money aspect of blogging and need to be reminded why I blog! This is just what I needed to read this morning. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes!!! I am just like you! I can get way caught up in “being successful” that I miss out on the joy! I am so glad this post was just what you needed!

    • PS: What is your blog? It is not linked in your Disqus profile and I would love to check it out!

  • This post is great! I really enjoy blogging and I like to write about what I feel like writing. I like to keep my posts relevant but it also has to be something my heart is into. I started blogging for a creative outlet and while making money here and there is great, that wasn’t why I orignally started blogging.

    • Krystal! Yes! Relevant but also our of our sweet spot. I think we all have so much relevant and helpful stuff to share out of our sweet spot – it is when we branch out of that trying to make everyone happy that we get burned out. And yes on blogging for a creative outlet! I want to keep it being creative!!

  • Looks like the commenting went up on this post lol! So well written Beth! <3 your voice and the genuineness you bring!


    • Katie!! Yes! I was joking with Bruce that all I needed to say was “no one comments anymore and we should” to get people to comment! hahah. But really, I wrote it out of what I have been processing through recently and I think a lot of people can relate! You are great at commenting – that is one of the things I admire about you!!!

  • Wow, very well said. I like how you said: “Stagnant water is unhealthy and we can end up like that if we let ourselves.” Awesome post, I can’t wait to see more of these kinds of “how to”‘s in the future! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Madison!!! I am excited to write more of them!! Feel free to submit any and all questions!!

  • A-to the-MEN. I’ve only been blogging for about a year and a half, but I still feel the pressure from other blogs out there. Thinking I have to do what everyone else is doing. I have to write all those “click bait” posts. I have to remember that the reason I started was because I love writing and want my voice to be heard. That’s all that matters! <3

  • This basically sums up so many of my feelings about blogging as well! It’s so nice to hear what I’ve been thinking affirmed! I started blogging in college and only shared my blog with my fam back home. From writing what I wanted to then, to now facing so many roadblocks of “self-fear” of not knowing what audiences want to hear, I think you’re totally right about writing what you want to.
    Thank you for sharing this post!!

    • Caitlin!! Yes & yes! I love that so many of us are on the same page! I think we all have something to offer if we work out of our sweet spot and not everyone else’s!!

  • This is such a wonderful post! It is so on point. I need to get better at commenting and engaging more. Love you, friend!

    • Sam!! I am so glad you were encouraged!! And yes, I am trying to get better at commenting and reading other blogs!!! XOXO

  • “We all have something to offer.” This! So true!

  • Man, I needed this post! My blog has changed SO much over the last 5 years since I’ve been blogging, it almost feels like starting from scratch. It’s so hard feeling like you’ll never get noticed and that no one’s reading. But I keep trying to remind myself to share anyway, because if nothing else, my blog will be a time capsule for me and my family to look back on one day.
    Great post, Elizabeth!

    • LesLeigh! I am so, so honored that this hit your computer screen at just the right time!! I really can relate to being discouraged by slow growth and every changing blogging climates!! But I love this!! And yes, totally a time capsule!! Keep up the good work! Slow growth is still growth!

  • Christina Lemaire

    Great insight for someone like me who is new to blogging! I was feeling intimated jumping into the blogging world, but from your post and the reminder that everyone can have “a place at the table” I feel just as inspired as ever! Thank you!

    • Christina!!

      I am so SO glad this post was an encouragement to you!! I am proud of you for taking the leap! You’ve got this! Stay in your own lane, rock what you have to offer, and be brave!!! XOXOXO

  • Amanda

    I love this and it is SO needed. I’ve been discouraged in my own writing recently because it just feels like I’m yelling in an already insanely loud room. But, as our girl Lara Casey preaches, I’m learning to not hate the small starts and even a little growth is still growth.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Amanda!! I am so excited this post was just what you needed. I can also relate to you!! Slow growth is still growth!! Amen! You’ve got this! Be you. and stay in your lane!!

    • PS: You should link your blog in your Disqus profile so that people can click through to your blog when they see you comment!!

      • Amanda

        Oh thank you for the tip! New to the Disqus account/profile thing.

  • I love what you said about how if one person is encouraged then that’s what’s most important. I was talking with a friend a few weeks back about blogging. He brought up how much he enjoys reading it, but I confessed that sometimes I felt really discouraged because it felt like no one was reading it. Then, I told him that I had to remind myself that whether 2 people are positively impacted or 200 or 2,000, the point is that at least someone was encouraged.

    • Candace! Hello friend! I am so glad you stumbled on this post and were encouraged by it!! It is SO easy to fall into comparison but if we just keep our eyes back on our lane and what we’re doing, we can see how even a little impact is worth it! Keep it up! I am sure you are encouraging more than just your friend and what a gift that is!