Ice Cream at the Broadmoor

LOCATION: The Broadmoor

OUTFIT DETAILS: Patagonia All- Wear Shorts || Sofia Sandal || Sleeveless Eyelet Top || Splendid Bangle – Fiers (c/o) || Swanky Gold Bracelet – Maya (c/o)

Well it is officially hot here in Colorado Springs. The AC is installed in our office, the pants are buried at the bottom of the drawer, and the ice cream melts too fast 😉 FUN FACT: Colorado has a 50 degree temperature variance. In the dead of winter our highs are around 40 and in the summer our highs are around 90! Compare that to southern California where they only have a 20 degree difference! Bruce and I did some research the other day and were pretty impressed with the results. Lol. Back to summer and 90 degree days, the other night Bruce and I went to the Broadmoor after dinner for a walk around the lake and ice cream. They have my favorite mint ice cream in town and I always crave it on these hot summer days.

It is always good to get away and create a space to connect. We’ve walked around the Broadmoor countless times but is just as magical every time. We walk hand in hand and talk about our days, our dreams, our ideas, our fears, and everything in between. Taking evenings for just us isn’t always easy with our social calendar but it is important. We need the time. It is what keeps us strong.

I picked up these Patagonia shorts at Backcountry (they are on sale!!) and I’ve been wearing them practically every day. They are the perfect short – fit, style, color! They also have strong Santa Fe vibes and that wins in my book every day.  I’m in love. I also picked up some sleeveless tops from GAP because the heat is real.

This week make a date with a friend or your spouse and get some ice cream. It’s one of my top 10 summer activities and sure to bring a smile to your face! What are some of your favorite summer dates and outfits?

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Honestly, nothing is better than some icecream in the summer heat. Since I’m from South Carolina I totally get what you mean about a crazy temperature difference!

  • Those flowers are to die! Let’s go get ice cream there together this summer!! It’s a date!


  • Those are the prettiest of flowers in the background. I feel yah girl on the crazy temp changes. MMMM ice cream after dinner is the best! I had some last night haha. Cute shorts by the way.


    • Oak & Oats

      I know!! I am all about finding all the pretty flowers!