Denver In-Home Lifestyle Photo Session

Last month I drove up to Denver to meet a girl I met on Instagram – Bailey Hurley. She had just moved into a new home and asked me to capture some memories of her and her family in their new home. I jumped at the chance to meet her and be able to capture some of those first moments as a family in their new space. The moment I drove up to their house, I was welcomed by a joyful, bouncing Bailey who hugged me and I knew I was with my kind of people! The Hurley’s have a joy and a love that is so evident. They love the Lord and love His people and their home radiates that.

Years ago I fell in love with lifestyle photography and it changed everything. I bought a camera and I began teaching myself how to capture the everyday moments. Oak + Oats has been a place for that – I always wanted to show my readers the beauty in the little everyday things. We started taking our camera everywhere and all our family gatherings & friend adventures began to be documented. My favorite photos were not the ones where everyone was looking at me forcing that “cheese” smile – but the ones mid laugh, or with the kids running through the sprinklers. The more I took photos, the more people stopped posing for me and just started being themselves. Those moments. Those are the memories.

Being able to branch out of my world and into the world of others to give them the same gift that has blessed me so deeply, is so life giving. Not everyone has a camera following them around 24-7 but everyone should have one at some point. The photos of your life, your home, and your family are the memories you’ll cherish forever. They are the ones you’ll hang on the wall and share with your children as they grow.

We started the Hurley session by getting some family photos in their son’s room and around their house. They then put him down for a nap and we were able to get some sweet photos of just Tim & Bailey! I was happy to get time all together and then separate. So I could capture those sweet couple moments – like dancing in the kitchen!

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Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • These are beautiful!!!

  • Their house is GORGEOUS! And you took such amazing pics, Beth!!

    • Gah! I know!! It is a really beautiful space and they are really beautiful people!

  • I love this! It looks like you captured them so well! <3

  • Amy

    ok. so a few things:
    1. their home is AMAZING
    2. You slayed at these pictures – they are SO GOOD!
    3. Their love is beautiful.
    4. <3 <3 <3 heart eyes for days!

    • Oak & Oats

      Oh my goodness Amy!! You are making me blush!! Thank you for the sweet words!