5 Tips for Pure Barre Newbies

5 Tips for Pure Barre Newbies (like I was once!!) Pure Barre Tips. Pure Barre for beginners. What is pure barre?I have been doing Pure Barre for several months now. I am not a pro by far, but I’ve also over come that newbie stage. There is NOTHING wrong with being a newbie in class. I started off this year by doing something new (and honestly super out of my comfort zone) and I was a total newbie. And if you are wondering, after three months I am already noticing changes!

So first things first, what even is Pure Barre?

It’s a 55 minute full-body, low impact, full body workout. The workout is broken into different strength sessions where you focus on tiny isomeric movements using a specific muscle group (arms, thighs, booty, abs). After each strength section, there’s a stretching section which helps create long, lean muscles without bulk (which is the best!)

The workout is fast paced and requires focus and concentration, which allows you to block β€œlife” out during class, creating the mental benefits similarly obtained by practicing yoga or meditating. Every direction and move is to music so you just go with the beat! It helps keep you focused and keep up with the whole class. Most of the movements use your body as resistance, but there is some equipment provided in class – a small ball, a band, a mat, and light weights ranging from 2-5 pounds.

5 Tips for Pure Barre Newbies (like I was once!!) Pure Barre Tips. Pure Barre for beginners. What is pure barre?


  1. BRING SOCKS: Sticky socks are the best so bring them if you have them! Or just bring some money to buy some at the studio before your first class. They are life savers as they keep you from slipping all over the place while you are trying to plank. Unlike normal work outs, you don’t need shoes (you leave them by the door) so make sure you’ve got socks on your feet or with you.
  2. WEAR LEGGINGS (CAPRI OR FULL LENGTH) & A SHIRT OVER YOUR SPORTS BRA: You will do a lot of moving around in this class and potentially find yourselves in some awkward positions if you are in shorts or a sports bra. Not only that, it is important to keep your muscles warm so being covered up will make you sweaty for sure, but also help you get the best workout and create those long lean muscles. Also, teachers are constantly moving your body into the correct position or making something a bit more difficult for you and they don’t want to be touching your sweaty skin (for reals.)
  3. BRING & DRINK WATER: I down a whole one of these during class (and I would drink more but I don’t have time to refil it!) You are moving, stretching, and shaking your muscles all up (and sweating!!) It is important to flush your system and stay hydrated. After class I always have to refil my water bottle and I chug it as I drive home!
  4. WATCH THE TEACHER & NOT EVERYONE ELSE: There will be people all around you and it is hard not to get a bit self conscious. It can easily feel like everyone knows what they are doing, has perfect form, and are starring at you. First off, none of them are staring at you because they are looking at themselves trying to hard to focus on the moves & positions (it is a hard workout.) Secondly, you don’t know how long or how correctly everyone else is doing the movements. A lot of times teachers will give modifications to pregnant ladies or women with different injuries or needs and if you even up following them instead of the teacher, you won’t be doing the moves correctly. Keep your eyes on the teacher and focus on listening to what they say. They will walk around directing with their words and helping move people into place. Keep listening, watch yourself in the mirror to make sure you are moving right, and just focus on the work out. Quickly, looking around will go away because you have to concentrate so hard on what you are doing πŸ˜‰
  5. IT TAKES AWHILE TO CATCH ON: Do not feel bad when you don’t know what is going on your first class – just do your best! The movements and terms are probably unlike anything you have done or heard before and it takes practice. I still do not have perfect form in each movement. I felt like I was fumbling all over my first class but the teachers will help guide your body into position and you’ll begin to catch onto the patterns. Like anything new, don’t expect to be a pro your first time and don’t feel bad at all for not being a pro. Everyone in class with you remembers their first class and no one is judging you for yours.


Pure Barre is a fun community, a great workout, and even a pretty fun class! If you haven’t already, you really need to try a class! If you are in the Colorado Springs area, our Pure Barre is offering ONE WEEK FREE! (No Joke!) Come work out with me for a week this April and you’ll be hooked! Make sure you head to the website to sign up for your free week in April! Click on “purchase Classes” then select ” Pure Barre Classes” and you’ll see the free week! Then you need to message me so that we can plan to go to a class or two together!!!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • That sounds like a fun way to get a good workout!

  • Watch the teacher = YES!
    I can get so concerned with others in a class (so dumb) that the more I focus on the teacher the better my form is!