Paint Mines

LOCATION: Paint Mines

OUTFIT DETAILS:  Denim Fitted Boyfriend Shirt (similar)|| Leggings || Sarah’s Hat || GAP Floral Sneakers (similar) || Jo Totes Camera Bag || Luv Lipsense

My little sister and I went on a mid week, mid day adventure to the Colorado Paint Mines. They are stunning. We wanted to go out to take some photos for her new website (YAY!!) and we for sure got some great ones. Sarah is multi talented and when I handed her my camera to take some snaps of me too – she slayed it! I mean, obviously 😉

Last night I went to watch a documentary called Embrace. It was very moving. I feel like only recently I’ve become more confident and okay in my body. After going through many years of feeling at war with my body it feels good to love what I’ve been given. I still don’t always love myself – I tend to have more pimples than I want and sometimes I just wish my clothes would fit differently. But I can honestly say that more often when I look at myself I can see the things I like more than the things I don’t. That has been a journey and not always an easy one. Funny thing, I think having this blog helped a lot. Figuring out who I am, what I am passionate about, and just being me has overflowed into all I do. And has overflowed into seeing myself for who I am – a daughter of the king created in the image of God. My body is a vehicle that takes me though life – it helps me hug those I love, it laughs and cries, it takes me on hikes through some of the most wonderful places. My body is a gift and there is no other one like it. Why try to be someone else when you can be you?!

Watching this documentary I was heartbroken by how many women still are at war with their bodies – their changing, aging, body. It steals  their joy, their focus, and their life. And it breaks my heart because I’ve been there. And it breaks my heart because they can’t see their beauty. They are so caught up in what they think they are lacking that they can’t see what they have. I want to tell you that empowered women, empower women! That your confidence is contagious. That when you point out someones gifts and talents and beauty they don’t know unnoticed. Embrace your body – flaws and all – and give others the freedom to do so too! We can change the world, one attitude at a time!

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry

  • Beauty! I have been wanting to see that movie for a while, thinking I will watch this week!

    • Oak & Oats

      You really should! It was good!

  • The mines look really beautiful! I agree with empowering those who don’t feel empowered and can relate to all of the body image stuff. I was always super insecure of the way I looked in middle/high school and all my pimples. The braces didnt help either. Then somewhere along the way in college I really started to love myself and I really like my body and how I look! That doesn’t mean we all don’t have our day though. The other day I went running and I felt really bloated (woman probs) and my legs were super swolen from working out the previous day. In my head I was complaining how big my legs felt, then some random lady at the park I was running at stopped me and basically commented on my legs and how strong they were. I could see it in her eyes, she was jealous. In that moment I realized it really doesn’t matter size, we all compare and critique our own bodies more harsh than anyone else. Her, just as much as me must learn to love our own bodies. Flaws and all. It is so devastating when you see other women who don’t have self love or those reminders when you didn’t love yourself well. You glow in your photos and have a true beauty inside and out! – Katie

    • Oak & Oats


      Thanks so much!! You are such an encouragement!! I mean it! And girl, you are so right! We must love ourselves and give those around us the freedom to do the same!

  • These photos of you are so beautiful, Beth! I love your thoughts on loving the bodies we’re given – it’s a struggle I’ve dealt (am dealing) with and have watched all of my friends deal with to varying degrees. I always try to remember that the people around me probably don’t notice the same things that I notice about myself. We are our own harshest critics. <3

    • Oak & Oats

      Thanks so much Stacia!! Yeah. I think Satan loves to attack our body image because we are made in the image of God so he hates how beautiful we are. And he knows when we are focused on ourselves we can’t focus on others!

  • Kelli

    She is gorgeous! Her smile is radiating and that location is perfect!

    • Oak & Oats

      Awe! Thanks! That’s me!!!

  • amy

    “My body is a gift and there is no other one like it. Why try to be someone else when you can be you?!”
    yes, yes, YES Beth! <3
    I resonated so much with EVERYTHING you said – three cheers to loving our bodies and truly embracing the beauty the Lord has crafted within us! <3
    p.s. i LOVE these photos

    • Oak & Oats

      I love you Amy! You are strong, wise, beautiful, talented, and smart!! XOXO

  • This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing and your sister definitely slayed it!!

  • AMEN to appreciating God’s beautiful gift of life, and how He created us in the image of Him. Your sister definitely slayed with these pictures!