Mark + Molly


When my dear friend Molly sent me a picture of a ring on her finger I was thrilled. THRILLED. I had been working with Molly for years and told her (multiple times) that she COULD NOT forget to tell me that she was getting married. When she left to work somewhere else, I aggressively reminded her again about this issue πŸ˜‰ Our work friendship meant so much to me and I didn’t want to lose that when we were no longer working together. I was honored not only that she eagerly told me the news but she also asked me to capture their engagement photos.

This was my first “real” photography session and while I was soooo nervous I also wasn’t because Mark & Molly were good friends! They are also so easy to be around. We hiked on one of my favorite trails (thanks for hiking in your heals Mols!) and captured these beautiful Colorado pictures. I just love the little pops of wildflowers and the setting sun.

I love that we captured these photos and I love that they entrusted me with their story! SO excited for you both!!

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Author: Elizabeth Mayberry