Sun Mountain Cafe


We recently were walking through Old Colorado City and discovered a new eatery – one that was open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! We looked at their menu and noticed organic ingredients, locally roasted coffee, and Colorado microbrews which instantly added it to our list. When our cousins were in town and we talked about meeting up for breakfast, we remembered that we wanted to try Sun Mountain Cafe. Bruce is really close to his cousins and as we all get married we grow the cousin gang. Not all of the cousins were still in town (we missed you David & Mer!) but those who were gathered for breakfast, good coffee, and great conversation.

The older I get, the more I realize these moments are such blessings. Moments when all five of us were in the same place at the same time. Sharing food, sipping coffee, balancing water glasses, catching Pokemon, telling stories, planning trips, laughing at funny situations, sharing dreams, and making plans.

Oh! Also, 7 years ago Lindsey & Bram were both campers of Bruce & I when we were counselors in 2009. None of us would have guess we would all be sitting here together, all related! Funny how life works like that! (Now Bram & Lindsey are married and Bruce & I are married as well  😉 – none of us were dating seven summers ago!)

Cheers to those everyday, yet magical moments!

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xoxo, elizabeth

Author: Elizabeth Mayberry